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The Mashed Parade: My Chemical Romance Mashups


“The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance was a landmark album back in 2006, melding emo-tinged alt-rock with a sense of theatrics and grandeur. Inspired by such artists as Queen, Pink Floyd, and Smashing Pumpkins, the band set out to make a career-defining concept album, and thankfully, their ambition did not fall short, as they crafted a still-beloved masterpiece that helped define a generation of misfit emo kids and alt-rockers.

Fifteen years later, these songs still resonate, and — due to their use in several videogames like Guitar Hero and Rock Band — every song on the album has had its acapella and instrumental extracted. Producers like InanimateMashups and oneboredjeu — both obviously diehard MCR fans — have literally created dozens of My Chemical Romance mashups.

Adriana A began compiling “The Mashed Parade” on a lark, mostly as a pet project, devoting an entire show on the Bootie Mashup Twitch channel to the concept. This inspired a few producers who were watching the show to produce new MCR mashups, since the concept was to mash up every single song on “The Black Parade,” and there were gaps to fill for some of the more deep album cuts. Adriana A agonized over the track listing, and even made a custom mashup herself for the album!

But finally, here it is, presented in two parts: “The Mashed Parade,” a track-by-track mashing of every song, in order, from “The Black Parade,” plus a “bonus disc” of additional My Chemical Romance mashups, featuring most of their singles in chronological order, as well as alternate mashups of songs from “Black Parade.” If the MCR vocal of one song was featured on the “proper” album, then usually the instrumental is featured for a bonus track. Because let’s face it, if you’re an MCR fan AND you love mashups, sometimes it’s hard to choose between Gerard’s voice or the rest of the band!

Released: 10/20/2021


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1. ToToM - Five Years Until The End (David Bowie vs. My Chemical Romance) 2. Ryan Nellis - The Dead Sign (Ace of Base vs. My Chemical Romance) 3. InanimateMashups - 21 Guns Disappear (My Chemical Romance vs. Green Day) 4. InanimateMashups - The Sharpest Sucker (Jonas Brothers vs. My Chemical Romance) 5. DJ Cummerbund - Bird Parade (My Chemical Romance vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd vs. Elton John) 6. oneboredjeu - I Don't Love Chandeliers (My Chemical Romance vs. Sia) 7. William Maranci - Without Wolves (Eminem vs. My Chemical Romance) 8. YITT - Let Cancer Be (My Chemical Romance vs. The Beatles) 9. Shahar Varshal - MAMA (Genesis vs. My Chemical Romance) 10. iWillBattle - We Sleep Together (Mariah Carey vs. My Chemical Romance) 11. Smija - Teenagers Want To Break Free (My Chemical Romance vs. Queen) 12. Adriana A - Disenchanted Diamonds (Rihanna vs. My Chemical Romance) 13. Doctor Brixx - Feeling Last Words (Adriana A Remashter) (My Chemical Romance vs. Black Eyed Peas) 14. Doctor Brixx - Wannabe Blood (My Chemical Romance vs. Spice Girls1. oneboredjeu - I'm Not Blind (I Promise) (My Chemical Romance vs. The Weeknd) 2. iWillBattle - Town Called Venom (My Chemical Romance vs. The Jam) 3. Grave Danger - Helena That Got Away (My Chemical Romance vs. Katy Perry) 4. InanimateMashups - Helena Dynamite (BTS vs. My Chemical Romance) 5. InanimateMashups - Dead As Hell! (My Chemical Romance vs. Lizzo) 6. Smija - Wrecking Parade (Miley Cyrus vs. My Chemical Romance) 7. InanimateMashups - The Love We Don’t Share (My Chemical Romance vs. CHVRCHES) 8. SAMonWRY - Mama We're All Rascals (My Chemical Romance vs. Jamie Berry) 9. ToToM - Teenagers, Get It On (Bang Another Teenager) (T. Rex vs. My Chemical Romance) 10. Kloppenhomwinwitz - Disenchanted by Last Christmas (My Chemical Romance vs. Wham!) 11. CastleR - Uprising's Last Words (My Chemical Romance vs. Muse) 12. oneboredjeu - Girls Rather Go To Hell (My Chemical Romance vs. Billie Eilish) 13. Fissunix - Sing Perfect (Pink vs. My Chemical Romance) 14. oneborerdjeu - Let Yourself Sing (My Chemical Romance vs. Idina Menzel) 15. A Plus D - Planetary Fireworks (Edit) (Katy Perry vs. My Chemical Romance) 16. InanimateMashups - Welcome To The Office (My Chemical Romance vs. The Office)