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Cyberpunk 2: Bootie Mashup


For this second Cyberpunk: Bootie Mashup album, cover girl Adriana A invited Ohio-based producer (and fellow darksynth mashup producer) AGGRO1 to join her on this compilation, crafted specifically for Neotropolis 2024.

Eight brand-new mashups were created for this mixtape, including two collabs between Adriana A & AGGRO1, along with a dozen other tracks from these two producers that didn’t fit on last year’s edition. We tried to do a lot more ’80s & ’90s vocals this time!

This will be Bootie Mashup’s second year at Neotropolis, and Adriana A, along with Jupiter Gatling, will be closing out the 5-day cyberpunk festival on Saturday April 27 with a special DJ set at The Core. 

Grafting popular vocals from the turn of the millennium with futuristic darksynth and mid-tempo bass, it’s the pop-infused soundtrack for a dystopian cyberpunk world.

Released: 04/21/2024

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1. Adriana A - Rock of The Future (Def Leppard vs. Max Brhon)

2. Adriana A - Can't Get Blue Outta My Head (Kylie Minogue vs. HEALTH)

3. AGGRO1 - Barbie Girl Terrora (Aqua vs. MVDNES)

4. AGGRO1 - Smooth Styrax Operator (Sade vs. Drymer)

5. Adriana A - Genie In A Belladonna (Christina Aguilera vs. Gold Geisha)

6. Adriana A - Levitating Droid Rage (Dua Lipa vs. OGRE Sound)

7. AGGRO1 - Running Up That Moment (Kate Bush vs. Perhopes)

8. Adriana A - Self Control Mothership (Laura Branigan vs. F.O.O.L. & SKUM)

9. Adriana A - Future Midnight Sky Club (Miley Cyrus vs. Perturbator)

10. AGGRO1 - Fascination Terror (The Cure vs. Groost)

11. Adriana A - Sing Cyberpunk (My Chemical Romance vs. Max Brhon)

12. Adriana A - Cities In Danger (Siouxsie & the Banshees vs. Danger)

13. Adriana A - Just Sync Persona Dance (Lady Gaga vs. Mega Drive)

14. AGGR1ana A - Living On A Diabolic Prayer (Bon Jovi vs. Dance With The Dead)

15. AGGR1ana A - Invincible Control (Theme for the Resistance) (Pat Benatar vs. SIERRA)

16. Adriana A - Glory Box or Lose It (Portishead vs. Vitalic)

17. Adriana A - Set Fire To The Megacorp (Adele vs. Dark Smoke Signal)

18. Adriana A - Frozen Distor (Madonna vs. Toutant)

19. AGGRO1 - The Bitter Orfeo (Placebo vs. Naked Swan)

20. Adriana A - Teardrop Gravedigger (Massive Attack ft. Liz Fraser vs. MXMS)