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ah! - Peacemaker In The USA (Miley Cyrus vs. Wig Wam) CastleR - Even Money Flow (Rihanna vs. Pearl Jam) DJ Sires - ABCDie Young Stacy (GAYLE vs. Fountains of Wayne vs. Kesha) Marc Johnce - I Wanna Dance With Somebody All Night Long (Whitney Houston vs. AC/DC) DoM - Up Mambo No. 5 (Cardi B vs. Lou Bega) Joseph James - Don't Talk About Bruno One More Time (Encanto Cast vs. Britney Spears) Instamatic vs. iWillBattle - Beatles Got Back (Sir Mix-a-lot vs. The Beatles vs. Channel One) reconthuse - Any American Idiot of Mine (Shania Twain vs. Green Day) Ray C - Only The Good Tear Us Apart (Joel Division) (Billy Joel vs. Joy Division) GladiLord - Cows Will Never Hurt You (Doja Cat vs. My Chemical Romance)