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HALP! We’re stuck in a global pandemic and we can’t get out!

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TL;DR — Please help support us by subscribing to our Twitch channel every month (you can do this for FREE if you have Amazon Prime) and/or becoming a Patreon supporter! Or buy some merch! It REALLY helps us survive these rough times, and allows us to keep producing content!


We are now SIX MONTHS into the Coronapocalypse, but with no end in sight, it’s unlikely that Bootie Mashup will be doing nightlife events anytime soon. Throwing parties, producing shows, and DJing have been our bread-and-butter for over 17 years, but with Covid-19 effectively shutting down our industry, we’ve had to pivot hard to livestreaming and other creative outlets. And pivot we did, producing a ton of mashup-related, DJ-driven content that doesn’t need a nightclub!

For many months, we were able to squeak by on tips via Venmo and PayPal, generously given by viewers of our livestreams. So I’ve been reticent about making this sort of post. But after six months, and with quarantine fatigue setting in, those tips are starting to dry up. Which is why Patreon and Twitch subs are so important.

Many of you used to pay a cover charge — anywhere from $5-$20 — for a Bootie Mashup party. Now, in the Corona Times, we’re bringing that party to your home for FREE, with livestreaming and mixtapes! But doing all this takes a lot of work, and if you’d like to help keep us going, won’t you please consider becoming a Patreon supporter and/or Twitch subscriber?



Several times a month, we deliver mashup perks to our patrons, depending on the level of contribution. Curated, themed, mashup mixtapes go to Patreon supporters first, plus the same Mega Mashup Zip Pack that gets sent to all our DJs every month can also be yours!

We also keep adding and updating perks, so Patreon supporters get Bootie Mashup content that doesn’t get posted to our web site for the general public. It’s kinda like being in an exclusive club!


We have a full slate of mashup DJ sets and shows, with a team of six resident DJs producing at least 26 hours of programming each week. Twitch is easy, and you don’t even need to do anything other than point your web browser to or download the Twitch app to your phone. But obviously, it’s more fun if you sign in so you can participate in the Chat Pod during our livestreams and become a part of the Twitch community — but it’s not necessary to enjoy the free streams.

Twitch has been our main focus, mostly because it has allowed us to do what we do best — DJ crowd-pleasing mashups while interacting in real time with an audience. No, it’s not the same as DJing at a club. Instead, it’s its own thing, and we’ve adapted well to the platform and built a whole new community of fans, many of whom never would have experienced a Bootie Mashup event otherwise.

It only costs $5 to subscribe to our channel for a month, which is way less than the cover charge for only one night out at a Bootie Mashup party! (However, Twitch does take its 50% cut, and you have to re-sub every month, which is why Patreon was listed first — their percentage is lower and you don’t need to keep renewing your subscription.)

You can also “cheer” using bits that you buy, as a way to support your favorite streamer (like us!) Every little bit helps!


If you have Amazon Prime however, then it doesn’t cost you anything to become a subscriber to our Twitch channel — IT’S FREE FOR YOU! (And we still make money from your subscription.)

Yes, your Amazon Prime membership comes with a Twitch Prime (aka Prime Gaming) perk of being able to subscribe to one channel a month for FREE! Here’s how:

• Sign up or sign in to (upper right corner)
• Go to:
• Click the “Subscribe” button (lower right corner under video)
• Scroll down to the “Free Subscription with Prime” section
• Click “Start Your Free Trial”
• Connect your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account

Now you can subscribe to the BootieMashup channel for free! But keep in mind, you have to re-subscribe manually every single month — it doesn’t renew automatically.


We love Patreon and Twitch subscriptions because it’s a steady trickle of income that we can count on in the absence of door money at a nightclub. However, if you’d like to simply donate via Venmo (where we make 100% of your donation, rather than Patreon or Twitch taking a cut), you can do that here:

If you prefer to PayPal a donation, our PayPal is:


Besides livestreaming on Twitch, your donations also allow us to do the following:

• Run a 24/7 mashup radio station on our web site —

• Post a podcast-style “Mashup Talk with Adriana A” every week on YouTube (which first livestreams every Friday on Twitch)

• Release a themed monthly mashup mixtape every month (often being a double album) for either streaming or free download.

• Continue to post monthly Bootie Mashup Top 10 playlists, featuring the latest, greatest mashups, along with forgotten favorites.


Last but not least, in one more shameless bid for your hard-earned dollars (or euros or whatever) during these difficult financial times, we have FINALLY opened up a merch store!

People have been asking us to make a proper merch shop for forever, and it only took a global pandemic to get us to finally do it! Jupiter Gatling and KillerBob Graphics have made some beautiful Bootie Mashup designs, which you can get on a wide selection of t-shirts, hoodies, facemasks, mugs, etc.


We know this is a LOT but hey, this whole Coronapocalypse thing has been a LOT, and we’ve had to come up with all sorts of other ways to survive financially while still doing what we love to do — to keep sharing our love of mashup culture with the world!

Thank you for any help you can give and we hope that someday we can all party together in person once again!

Love and mashups,
Adriana A

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