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Bootie Top 10 – August 2019


Bootie Mashup turns 16 years old this month, and to celebrate, four of our resident DJs — one from each of the four U.S. cities we regularly throw parties in — heeded my call to submit their two most recent favorite mashups.

DJs Tyme (San Francisco), ShyBoy (LA), Lobsterdust (NYC), and EN8 (Seattle) join myself (Adrian A) in picking out this month’s Top 10. But really, the big winner on this list is mashup producer AnDy Wu, as three of us picked out three different bootlegs from him, for inclusion on this list. Enjoy the mix! – Adrian A

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Released: 08/14/2019

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AnDy Wu - Why Did You Do That On A Roll (Ashley O & Ally) (Lady Gaga vs. Miley Cyrus) Rappy - Spice Up Your Animals (Spice Girls vs. Martin Garrix) DJs From Mars - Where Is The Mutate High Hopes (Panic! At The Disco vs. Black Eyed Peas vs. Sidney Samson & Lil Jon) AnDy Wu - Sucker For Barbie (Jonas Brothers vs. Aqua) Shahar Varshal - I Want To Break The Wall (Queen vs. Pink Floyd vs. Marvin Gaye vs. Madcon) DRA'man - Jump Around The Lines (House of Pain vs. Bob Marley vs. The Avener vs. Phoebe Killdeer) DJ ShyBoy - Old Town Brain Stew (Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus vs. Green Day) DJ Kal - Bad Toxic (Billie Eilish vs. Britney Spears) Happy Cat Disco - Sickology (Drake vs. The Kount vs. Travis Scott vs. Madison Beer vs. Migos vs. Kanye West) AnDy Wu - Truth Hurts Side To Side (Lizzo vs. Beyoncé vs. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj)