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Streaming playlist: Halloween Booootie mixtapes


Happy Halloween!

Since 2009, we’ve put out several Halloween Booootie mashup mixtapes, each containing 13 spooky mashups for our favorite holiday. Our Halloween Booootie mashup parties are usually our biggest events of the year, but we know that lots of people have their own Halloween parties at home, so we’ve compiled all our albums on one convenient page for continuous streaming, the perfect soundtrack for your the spoopy season!

STREAM all 10 albums’ worth by clicking the MASHUP PLAYER in the lower left. Or click the covers to get to the download pages for each individual album!

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1. Hollaback Thriller Girl - DJ Schmolli 2. Devil Mix - DJ John 3. Haunted House of Mashups - DJ BC 4. Monsters Dare - Cheekyboy 5. Thunder Busters - Wax Audio 6. Lolli Lolli (Halloween Electro Mix) - DJ Morsy 7. Love Will Tear You Apart - A Plus D 8. Smells Like Monster Mash - Ded Wood 9. Chasing The Time Warp - DJ Schmolli 10. It's Halloween! - Cheekyboy 11. Fascination Disco - Hypnotyza 12. This File Is Haunted - Voicedude 13. Haunted Bela - DJ Fnord 1. Just Thrill (Halloween Mix) - Voicedude 2. Ghostbusters N Stuff - Voicedude 3. Keeping Halloween Toxic - Voicedude 4. Juicebox Rock - Go Home Productions 5. Rapper's Night - DJ Gizmo 6. The Monster Mashup - DJ Topcat 7. Zombie 2K10 (DJs From Mars Remix) - Andrew Spencer & the Vamprockerz 8. Psycho Killer On The Dancefloor - A Plus D 9. Monster Boys - Voicedude 10. Lavorare Devil - DJ Useo 11. Take Me Away - Frog The Dawg 12. Spooky Girl Remix - DJ Topcat 13. See The Reaper - DJ Mike A 1. Thriller Has It - ShyBoy 2. Bad Things Will Roll With The Devil – Titus Jones 3. Goblin Style - Voicedude 4. Three Monsters - Divide & Kreate 5. Munster In My Pants - Cheekyboy 6. No One Lives Forever Uninvited - Cheekyboy 7. The Killing Mash - Markyboy 8. Midnight Moon - LeeDM101 9. Ghost Wobble - dj BC 10. Strange and Scary Love - Voicedude 11. Thriller Heads Will Roll - Glee Cast 12. Deadly Halloween - DJ Topcat 13. Deep Dream - Michmash 1. The Devil's Highway - Wax Audio 2. Somebody's Wrecking Me – DJ ShyBoy 3. Monster Holiday - DJ ShyBoy 4. Ghostbusters '89 Edit - JP 5. Ghosts And Fear For Halloween - DJ Schmolli 6. Boogie Dragula - G3rst 7. R U Gonna Be My TV - Smash 8. Munsters Get Your Freak On – Skeewiff 9. Thriller In The Air Tonight – G3rst 10. Superstitious Thriller - Hot Couture 12. Bad Insomnia Things - DJ Spider 13. Undone Lullaby - DJ Schmolli 1. Grave Danger - Thrill Her (Michael Jackson vs. Ke$ha) 2. Loo & Placido - Funky Dragula (Rob Zombie vs. Lipps Inc. vs. Eurythmics vs. Justice vs. Swanky Tunes) 3. DJ Schmolli - KNASbusters (Ray Parker Jr. vs. Steve Angello) 4. The Living Tombstone - Spooky Scary Skeletons (Andrew Gold Remix) 5. DJs From Mars - Not My Tubular Bells Tonight (Christina Aguilera vs. Mike Oldfield) 6. Jamie Derelict - WannaRaven (MC Lars vs Spice Girls) 7. Wax Audio - Sad But Superstitious (Stevie Wonder vs. Metallica) 8. The Homogenic Chaos - Tainted Zombie Roar (Natalia Kills vs. Katy Perry vs. Soft Cell) 9. Celldweller - Cry Little Sister, Hello Zepp (Gerard McMann vs. Saw) 10. DJ Tripp - Stranger Heathens (twenty one pilots vs. Survive) 11. Fissunix - Fog It Off (Taylor Swift vs. John Carpenter) 12. DJ Schmolli - Drop It Like Black Sabbath (Snoop Dogg vs. Black Sabbath) 13. g4gorilla - The Piano Loop of the Beast (Iron Maiden vs. Marina & the Diamonds) 1.  Bobby C Sound TV - This Is Halloween Remix (Danny Elfman vs. Bobby C Sound TV) 2.  Loo & Placido - Super Power (Stevie Wonder vs. Loo & Placido) 3.  Hawkins - Ghostflektor (Ray Parker Jr. vs. Arcade Fire) 4.  DJ Schmolli - Somebody's Watching Thriller (Michael Jackson vs. Rockwell) 5.  Titus Jones - Look What Halloween Made Me Become (Rob Zombie vs. Taylor Swift vs. Rihanna vs. Imagine Dragons vs. John Carpenter vs. Kesha vs. Three Days Grace vs. Katy Perry ft. Juicy J vs. Deadmau5) 6.  DJs From Mars - Move It Sandman (Metallica vs. Reel 2 Real) 7.  The Kleptones - Get It On The Long Hard Road (T. Rex vs. Marilyn Manson) 8.  Tatertraps - Blame It On Your Little Sister (Marilyn Manson vs. Charli XCX & Lizzo) 9.  Star Man - Scary Plan (Britney Spears vs. Maethelvin) 10.  DJ T-Bone - Blood Zombie (Bad Wolves vs. NightCrawler) 11.  Brittany Butler - Stranger Bellyache (Billie Eilish vs. Survive vs. C418) 12.  MashGyver - Debbie Scary (Blondie vs. Donkey Kong 64) 13.  DJ T-Bone - Evil Milkshake Thing (Kelis vs. John Carpenter) 1. DJ Cummerbund - Monster WAP (Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion vs. Bobby "Boris" Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers vs. Elton John) 2. William Maranci - Closer But It's Ghostbusters (Nine Inch Nails vs. Ray Parker Jr.) 3. Divide & Kreate - Sexy Hell (Justin Timberlake vs. AC/DC) 4. Paolo Monti - The Bloody End (Lady Gaga vs. John Carpenter) 5. DAW-GUN - Witchy Women 'n' Stuff (The Eagles vs. Deadmau5) 6. DRA'man - Sweet Dragula (Rob Zombie vs. Eurythmics) 7. DJ Tripp - Don't Go Weird (Yaz vs. Oingo Boingo) 8. MashGyver - Thrillswitch (Michael Jackson vs. Killswitch Engage) 9. Jupiter Gatling - Cry Little Vampire Slayer (Celldweller vs. Nerf Herder) 10. YITT - This Is Halloween Goosebumps (The Nightmare Before Christmas vs. Goosebumps) 11. ToToM - Get Your Turbo Gunn, Killer (Marilyn Manson vs. Carpenter Brut) 12. ArthurTheBootleg - Turn Down For Stranger Things (DJ Snake & Lil John vs. Survive) 13. YITT - Another One Bites The Sawdust (Queen vs. Saw Theme) 1. Lewis Wake - Montero Mash (Lil Nas X vs. Bobby "Boris" Pickett) 2. DJ Cummerbund - Shaxicula (Rob Zombie vs. The B-52's vs. Britney Spears) 3. Voicedude - Wanda Thurman (WandaVision / Agatha All Along vs. Fall Out Boy vs. Black Sabbath) 4. iWillBattle - Bring A Nightmare To My Life (Evanescence vs. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince) 5. MasDaMind - Ain’t Cruel Monster Thrillers Mo' Fun (Rihanna vs. Paramore vs. Michael Jackson vs. Ace of Base vs. Kelly Price vs. Elvira) 6. Lewis Wake - Turn Off The Life ft. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Kim Petras vs. Backstreet Boys) 7. Marc Johnce - Mr. Crowley Might Like It Louder (Ozzy Osbourne vs. Dada, Obernik & Harris vs. Amanda Blank vs. Major Lazer) 8. Titus Jones - Inferno of Scary Skeletons & Bad Rats (Andrew Gold vs. Britney Spears vs. Bella Poarch vs. Olivia Rodrigo vs. The Smashing Pumpkins) 9. oneboredjeu - Sweet Transvestites and S&M (Rihanna vs. The Rocky Horror Picture Show) 10. Burt Reynolds - Weird Busters (Ray Parker Jr. vs. Oingo Boingo) 11. Titus Jones - My Toxic Chick Is Going To Hell (Ariana Grande vs. Evanescence vs. Nicki Minaj vs. Halsey vs. Billie Eilish vs. Britney Spears) 12. LeeDM101 - Lost Celebration (Gerard McMahon vs. Depeche Mode) 13. iWillBattle - Good 4 Carrie (Olivia Rodrigo vs. Pino Donaggio) 1. Adriana A - My Way Is Halloween (Ministry vs. Calvin Harris) 2. HallMighty - You Make Me Feel Like I Wanna Die At Halloween (Kesha vs. Muse vs. Adriana A) 3. MasDaMind - Breaking Rumpel's Party Silence (Queensrÿche vs. Shrek Forever After) 4. Lewis Wake - One Week Busters (Barenaked Ladies vs. Ray Parker Jr.) 5. iWillBattle - What Doesn't Kill Astro Zombies Makes Them Stronger (The Misfits vs. Kelly Clarkson) 6. Lewis Wake - We Don't Talk About Blood (Kim Petras vs. The Cast of Encanto) 7. DJ DryBowser - Chunkybones (Bruno Mars vs. Andrew Gold) 8. Marc Johnce - Physical Monster (Lady Gaga vs. Dua Lipa) 9. Lewis Wake - Running Up That Hill x Stranger Things Theme (Kate Bush vs. Stranger Things) 10. Titus Jones - I Am Not a Witchy Woman, I’m a Fancy God (Halsey vs. Reba McEntire vs. Eagles vs. Billie Eilish vs. Katy Perry vs. Tears for Fears) 11. Titus Jones - The Supernatural Nightmare (Kesha vs. Fleetwood Mac vs. Halsey vs. Metallica) 12. MashupChuck - Mr. Crowley At Last (Ozzy Osbourne vs. Etta James) 13. Richest Llama - Dream On In Hotel Chucky (The Eagles vs. Joe Renzetti vs. Aerosmith)

1. fnogg - Shake It Down In My Dragula (Rob Zombie vs. Taylor Swift vs. Disturbed)

2. CastleR - There Will Be Life (Kim Petras vs. Backstreet Boys)

3. Titus Jones - Gimme Sweet Halloween (Korn vs. ABBA vs. Beyoncé vs. Muse)

4. reconthuse - Seven Nation Nightmare (Alice Cooper vs. White Stripes)

5. IamJstncrdble - Haunted Thriller (Taylor Swift vs. Michael Jackson)

6. iWillBattle - Vampire Hammer (Olivia Rodrigo vs. Ghost)

7. iWillBattle - Mucky Mary [GaGa Muck] (The Cramps vs. Lady Gaga)

8. DSP - Somebody's Watching Girl (The Cure vs. Rockwell)

9. MasDaMind - I’m Your Black Wolf (KC & the Sunshine Band vs. Zombie Hyperdrive)

10. Lewis Wake - Scary Edge (Britney Spears vs. REZZ)

11. Aggro1 - Zombie Rootkit (The Cranberries vs. Emurse)

12. Voicedude - Werewolves On The Storm (Warren Zevon vs. The Doors + American Werewolf In London)

13. Kill_mR_DJ - Spell Box (Screaming Jay Hawkins vs. Portishead vs. Creedence Clearwater Revival)