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Halloween Booootie 10 (2023)


When Adriana floated the idea on Twitch during her Mashup Listening Party that maybe this was the year she’d take a break from compiling a Halloween Booootie mashup mixtape, our ChatPod nearly came after us with knives and pitchforks.

So by popular demand, here’s our 10th edition of 13 spoopy mashups, including two exclusives from iWillBattle and IamJstncrdble! About half these tracks were cherry-picked from the slew of new Halloween albums that our mashup producer community just dropped, while the rest are a mix of old and new tracks that passed the spooky season vibe check.

Since this is the 10th album in the series, the cover is a throwback reference to our very first Halloween Booootie compilation from 2009. Who knew that 14 years later that cover image would manifest itself into a “Britney Spears knives dance” that would go viral on Instagram & TikTok in 2023? Happy Halloween!

Released: 10/25/2023

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1. fnogg - Shake It Down In My Dragula (Rob Zombie vs. Taylor Swift vs. Disturbed)

2. CastleR - There Will Be Life (Kim Petras vs. Backstreet Boys)

3. Titus Jones - Gimme Sweet Halloween (Korn vs. ABBA vs. Beyoncé vs. Muse)

4. reconthuse - Seven Nation Nightmare (Alice Cooper vs. White Stripes)

5. IamJstncrdble - Haunted Thriller (Taylor Swift vs. Michael Jackson)

6. iWillBattle - Vampire Hammer (Olivia Rodrigo vs. Ghost)

7. iWillBattle - Mucky Mary [GaGa Muck] (The Cramps vs. Lady Gaga)

8. DSP - Somebody's Watching Girl (The Cure vs. Rockwell)

9. MasDaMind - I’m Your Black Wolf (KC & the Sunshine Band vs. Zombie Hyperdrive)

10. Lewis Wake - Scary Edge (Britney Spears vs. REZZ)

11. Aggro1 - Zombie Rootkit (The Cranberries vs. Emurse)

12. Voicedude - Werewolves On The Storm (Warren Zevon vs. The Doors + American Werewolf In London)

13. Kill_mR_DJ - Spell Box (Screaming Jay Hawkins vs. Portishead vs. Creedence Clearwater Revival)