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Our annual mixtape compilations, showcasing our picks for the best mashups each year, complete with bonus tracks and artwork.

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Theme Albums

Special mashup compilation albums released periodically, dedicated to a specific artist, music genre, or holiday theme.

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Aggro1 - Rock of Ages Girl (Def Leppard vs. Goose) DJ Mei-Lwun - The Donquehote ( & Snoop Dogg vs. Magazine 60) DJ Morgoth - BlurDemmi (Blur vs. Deichkind) DJ Shyboy - You Spin Me Upside Down (Diana Ross vs. Dead Or Alive) Divide & Kreate - Punked Up (Madonna vs. Teddybears) Electrosound - Relax, I Wanna Be Trash (Mika vs. The Whip) G3rst - Black Woman (Wolfmother vs. Goose) Hi-brid - Confide In The Nation (Kylie Minogue vs. Radiohead) Lobsterdust - Urgent Situation (Foreigner vs. Yaz) Mad Mix Mustang - The Love Cats Shack (B-52's vs. Stray Cats)