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Our annual mixtape compilations, showcasing our picks for the best mashups each year, complete with bonus tracks and artwork.

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Theme Albums

Special mashup compilation albums released periodically, dedicated to a specific artist, music genre, or holiday theme.

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ABX - Bonde Do Roll Out (Ludacris vs. Bonde Do Role) ComaR - Shut Up On A Blue Monday (New Order vs. Rihanna) DJ Fox - No One To Squeeze (Alicia Keys vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers) DJ Schmolli - Mash Me Amadeus (Falco vs. Nelly vs. Luniz vs. more!) Divide & Kreate - Until It Talks (Metallica vs. Coldplay) Electrosound - 19-2000 Funk (Re-Edit) (Gorillaz vs. Daft Punk) Flying White Dots – Tonight We Play (The Cure vs. Björk vs. David Arnold) G3rst - Hotel California In Fire And Flames (The Eagles vs. Dragonforce) Lobsterdust - Jenny's Superstitious (Stevie Wonder vs. The Killers) The Reborn Identity - G.I. Jolene (Dolly Parton vs. Stan Ridgway)