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Bootie Top 10 – July 2008


Every month or so, Bootie’s Adrian & Mysterious D — also known in the bootleg community as A Plus D — pick ten of their current favorite mashup downloads. Many of these are recent releases, while others may be forgotten favorites or great bootlegs that fell through the cracks. This list is highly-opinionated, and generally listed in alphabetical order by bootlegger.

Released: 07/09/2008

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Clive$ter - Will I Touch Your Back (Amy Winehouse vs. Bros. vs. Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis) DJ Fox - Low Dog (Flo Rida vs. The Stooges vs. Dakar & Grinser) DJ Gizmo - Pictograph (Sneaky Sound System vs. Def Leppard) DJ Maxentropy - Low A Prayer (Madonna vs. Flo Rida) DJ Topcat - Only Like You (Mims vs. Yazoo) DJ Y Alias JY - Duffy Train Running (Duffy vs. Doobie Brothers) Instamatic - Neon Sex People (Neon Neon vs. Depeche Mode vs. Latour) The Illuminoids - That's Not My Wild Name Game Thing (Ting Tings vs. Shirley Ellis vs. Peaches vs. Tone Loc vs. Divine) Titus Jones - Break Teen Spirit (Bootie edit) (Britney Spears vs. Nirvana vs. Madonna vs. Justin Timberlake vs. Usher) Wax Audio - Sad But Superstitious (Stevie Wonder vs. Metallica)