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Bootie Mashup Top 10 – February 2024


Thank goodness it’s a leap year so I could have an extra day to post this February 2024 Top 10 before the end of the month. Lots of topical mashes here, kicking things off with Beyoncé‘s surprise country hit, mashed up with some classic ’80s. French producer Peggy_P dropped an excellent funk & soul mashup compilation, “Groove Digger, Vol. 1,” so we needed to rep that. ShyBoy surprises with an unreleased track from his Kylie Cyrus party, featuring bonus Madonna, just in time for our Madonnapocalypse party this Saturday at Cat Club in San Francisco.

Of course, this past month’s party was ’00s Saltburn-inspired so “Murder On The Dancefloor” is here. Usher just played the Super Bowl halftime show, so we checked him off the list too. There’s a new full-length one from YouTube star DJ Cummerbund, and rounding out the end are some “current chart pop vs. rock” mashups (including a double-shot from iWillBattle, who also started a Mashups Rock Top 10) and a slow jam of Billie Eilish‘s Oscar-nominated song from the Barbie movie. Like I said, this month is topical! – Adriana A

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Released: 02/29/2024

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Sparkle Sunshine - Texas Hold 'Em Down Under (Beyoncé vs. Men At Work)

Peggy_P - Bitch Strut (Rihanna vs. Deodato)

DJ ShyBoy - Everybody Loves Magic Flowers (Kylie Minogue vs. Miley Cyrus vs. Madonna)

Vianney - Too Sexy For A Murder (Sophie Ellis-Bextor vs. Right Said Fred)

elmars - Usher's Bad Company (Usher vs. Purple Disco Machine)

That Other Ted - We Keep Bleeding This City (Leona Lewis vs. Starship)

DJ Cummerbund - Testifireball (Rage Against The Machine vs. Pitbull)

iWillBattle - HISSteria (Megan Thee Stallion vs. Muse)

iWillBattle - Blitzkrieg Summer (Taylor Swift vs. Ramones)

Kill_mR_DJ - I Wasn't Made For Surprises (Billie Eilish vs. Radiohead)