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Bootie Top 10 – July 2007


We were so on top of it last month, posting the Bootie Top 10 right on the 15th, just like we were supposed to. So of course, this month, we had to be ten days behind schedule! Some months are just like that. Especially months when you’re throwing a 2-Year Anniversary Party in LA, re-launching your club at a new venue in New York, and preparing for an epic multimedia extravaganza called The A+D Show for the 4-Year Anniversary in San Francisco. So please cut us some slack!

Released: 07/25/2007

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A Plus D - Unpretty Today (TLC vs. Smashing Pumpkins) ComaR - Psyché Encore (Jay-Z vs. Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier) (damaged track) DJ Poly - Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seven Nation Army (Eurythmics vs. White Stripes) Leebuzz - Mika Goes To Hollywood (Mika vs. Frankie Goes To Hollywood) Lobsterdust - My Irreplaceable (Beyoncé vs. Tommy Heavenly6) (damaged track) Loo & Placido - Shake (Monosurround vs. Ying Yang Twins vs. Pitbull vs. C&C Music Factory) The Illuminoids - Stiff Martyr (Blaqk Audio vs. Depeche Mode) Totom - The Way Simple Men Are (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E. vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd) Victor Menegaux - Feel Good Roboto 2 (Gorillaz vs. Styx) Wax Audio - Maiden Goes To Hollywood (Iron Maiden vs. Frankie Goes To Hollywood)