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Bootie Mashup Top 10 – June 2022


Happy Pride month, everyone! Although I will fully admit, this isn’t exactly a very LGBT-centric Top 10 this month. Only three pop divas, and a bunch of eclectic genre-hopping, including nu metal latin dance, gothic swing, new jack rock, indie hip-hop, diva synthwave, r&b electro pop, dad rock, and of course, an obligatory Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill” mashup, because it’s not every month that a beloved 37-year-old song has a massive chart-topping resurgence due to its inclusion in a beloved TV show (yes, we’re all Stranger Things fans here). In fact, it’s literally just “shit I love,” which by now you should know — I love dat genre clash. – Adriana A

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Released: 06/23/2022

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Bill McClintock - Stuparena (Disturbed vs. Los Del Rio) Adriana A - It's About No Damn Good Time (Lizzo vs. Depeche Mode) Titus Jones - Diving Up That Holy Hill (Kate Bush vs. Dio) Aggro1 - Poison Mad Visions (Bel Biv Devoe vs. Royal Blood) DJ Tripp - Lucretia's Gang (Sisters Of Mercy vs. Parov Stelar) Smashcolor - 30 Seconds to Broken Smoke Trouble (lovelytheband vs. Halsey vs. 30 Seconds To Mars vs. Ghastly ft. Madalen Duke) Vixoria Drift - I Will Wait Day 'N' Nite (Kid Cudi vs. Mumford & Sons) Instamatic - Still Haven't Thrown It All Away (Genesis vs. U2 vs. Negativland) MasDaMind - Sacrifighter (Christina Aguilera vs. Alex & Tokyo Rose) Mashup Superstars - Starboy To Heaven (The Weeknd vs. Led Zeppelin)