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Bootie Mashup Top 10 – April 2023


As we often like to do on the Bootie Mashup Top 10, this month we’re showcasing a few tracks from recent full-length mashup albums, such as the punk rock  compilation, “Well Do You Ya Punk?” by ah! and another one from last month’s “ABBAstard,” as well as Peggy_P’s Linkin Park tribute, “The LP LP” (which wins for best witty title). We’re also including my opening track from our own Cyberpunk mashup album, along with the usual mix of throwback and genre-clashed jams!

– Adriana A

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Released: 04/23/2023

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iWillBattle - Come Get Ready (Nirvana vs. 2 Unlimited)

Peggy_P - What is Numb? (Linkin Park vs. Haddaway)

DJ J-Brew - Eat It Still (Weird Al Yankovic vs. Portugal. The Man)

ah! - neat neat neat 4 u (Olivia Rodrigo vs. The Damned)

Lobsterdust - All The Bright Things (blink-182 vs. Boy Jr.)

Adriana A - Chained To The Rebel Starboy Path (Katy Perry vs. The Weeknd vs. P.T. Adamczyk)

reconthuse - Do I Wanna Come and Get It (Selena Gomez vs. Arctic Monkeys)

DoM - Closer (Jazz Version) (Nine Inch Nails vs. Richard Cheese)

Instamatic - Ghosts of Fernando (ABBA vs Depeche Mode)

CastleR - It's Us Who Matter (Metallica vs. Gustavo Santaolalla)