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New decade, slightly new branding


As we fast approach the 2020s, the time has come for a slight name change. Oh, don’t worry, we’ll still be “Bootie Mashup.” It’s just that if you attend any of our mashup parties in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, or elsewhere, you might notice a SLIGHT CHANGE in the name of our party and its branding. 

Instead of our parties being called “Bootie [Insert City Name Here], we will now be going by our full name of “Bootie Mashup” for ALL of our events, regardless of the city. The reason for this is so our branding is consistent across the board, and aligns with all of our social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this web site — which all use the same name: Bootie Mashup.

We also want the word “Mashup” in our event name. Too many times, people have attended a “Bootie” party, expecting to hear “booty music.” While we certainly hope the mashups we play get you to shake your booty, we don’t exclusively play “booty bass,” or any other number of subgenres that include the word “booty.” 

Back in 2003, when we started this party, mashups were often referred to as “bootlegs,” especially in the UK. This is because they were — and still are — technically illegal. 99.999% of the tracks we showcase do not have proper copyright clearances, and are hence pirated. So, as a reference to this, we named our party “Bootie,” as in short for bootlegs. But of course we also liked the connotions of “pirate booty” (everyone loves a pirate!) and since we’re a dance party, we also like the double-meaning of “shake your booty,” even if the spelling isn’t quite the same. 

But plain ol’ “Bootie” just isn’t descriptive enough for us anymore. So from now on, we’re “Bootie Mashup.” Of course, we fully expect people to still refer to us with the shorthand “Bootie” name, but also having the word “MASHUP” in big letters on the party flyers and artwork is a nice statement of purpose for this particular type of remixed and reworked pop music that we have loved and championed for over sixteen years.

Bootie is dead, long live Bootie Mashup!

– Adriana A, Queen Bee of Bootie Mashup

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