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Best of Bootie Mashup

Our annual mixtape compilations, showcasing our picks for the best mashups each year, complete with bonus tracks and artwork.

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Theme Albums

Special mashup compilation albums released periodically, dedicated to a specific artist, music genre, or holiday theme.

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Aggro1 - Big Shot Boom Bip (Billy Joel vs. Boom Bip) DJ Le Clown - In Da Black (ACDC vs. Scissor Sisters vs. 50 Cent) DJ Zebra - Got To Stand It Up (Marvin Gaye vs. The Dead 60's) King Of Pants - Detox (Amy Winehouse vs. Britney Spears) Lobsterdust - Everybody Do It Again (Jay-Z vs. Amil vs. Missy Elliott vs. Chemical Brothers) Payroll - Daft Prayer (Bon Jovi vs. Daft Prayer) Pheugoo - Sympathy For The Warhols (Rolling Stones vs. Dandy Warhols) The Illuminoids - Phantom Ain't Easy (David Bowie vs. Justice) Totom - Thieveshake (Kelis vs. Ministry) team9 - Britney - Dead Or Alive (Britney Spears vs. Dead Or Alive vs. Daft Punk)