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Best of Bootie Mashup

Our annual mixtape compilations, showcasing our picks for the best mashups each year, complete with bonus tracks and artwork.

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Theme Albums

Special mashup compilation albums released periodically, dedicated to a specific artist, music genre, or holiday theme.

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A Plus D - We Got The Soulja Boy (Soulja Boy vs. The Go-Go's) DJ Moule - Can't Stand Dance (Velvet Underground vs. Chemical Brothers vs. CSS vs. LCD Soundsystem) DJ STV SLV - Fa-Fa-Fayo Technology (50 Cent vs. Datarock) Divide & Kreate - Illiterate City (Jackson 5 vs. Guns N' Roses) Dunproofin' - Bootystyle (Robyn vs. Teddybears) Earworm - Say It Right Away (Nelly Furtado vs. The Egg vs. Madonna) Hawkins - Jesus Christ Walks (Kanye West vs. Brand New) Lobsterdust - Disco Rump Chant (Beastie Boys vs. Michael Zager Band) Loo & Placido - Timba Funk Land (Timbaland vs. Daft Punk) World Famous Audio Hacker - Do It Well (D.A.N.C.E. Version) (Jennifer Lopez vs. Justice)