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Bootie Top 10 – July 2010


Ever since we got back from two months on tour, we’ve had a bit of a rough time getting ourselves back onto a “regular” schedule, as you can probably tell by this, yet another overdue Bootie Top 10 list. We just did “Lady Gaga vs. Madonna Night” a few weeks ago at Bootie SF, and it was our second biggest Bootie party ever, with nearly 1,500 people. A lot of you have been asking for some of the mashups we played that night, so if you’re a bit Gaga-adverse, you might want to skip around a bit.  However, we also have a healthy dose of other genres such as electro, hip-hop, etc., so there should be something for everyone.

Released: 07/12/2010

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DJ BC - Eyes Without A Bootie (Billy Idol vs. John Blu) DJ Digital Dave - Back To Cali Gurls (Bootie Edit) (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Katy Perry) Go Home Productions - How Soon Is Independence (Destiny_s Child vs. The Smiths) Lazyellow - Blah Blah Blah Chillin Romance (Ke$ha vs. Lady Gaga vs. Wale) LeeDM101 - (Find Myself) A Heap of Love (Florence & The Machine vs. Depeche Mode vs. Imogen Heap) Lobsterdust - Two Stop (Journey vs. Grizzly Bear) MadMixMustang - Pac-Man Inferno (Buckner & Garcia vs. The Tramps) Marc Johnce - Monster Will Come Back (Lady Gaga vs. Holy Ghost!) Mighty Mike - Heart-Shaped Desires (Nirvana vs. Muse) Nathan Scot - Alejandro De La Isla Bonita (Lady Gaga vs. Madonna)