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Bootie Mashup Top 10 – January 2022


The beginning of 2022 saw a deluge of new mashups from our community, so it took a while to sort through “The Pile.” Of course we had to include mashups of Encanto’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and GAYLE‘s breakout hit, “ABCDEFU.” But there are also a bunch of throwbacks on here too from some of our favorite producers, and some excellent genre-clashed gems. (Dare I say “Crumpl”?) I’ve also included my first mashup in months, since it was the winner of this week’s emo-flavored Crumplbangers Weekly Challenge.  – Adriana A

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Released: 01/28/2022

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Titus Jones - We Don't Talk About Backstreet (Encanto vs. Backstreet Boys vs. Shakira vs. Bruno Mars) iWillBattle - YMCABCDEFU (GAYLE vs. Village People) Lewis Wake - Perfect Thot Shit Exceeder (Megan Thee Stallion vs. Mason & Princess Superstar) Adriana A - Part Of My Sweetness (Katy Perry vs. Jimmy Eat World) Marc Johnce - Take Me Home Old Death Valley Town Road (Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus vs. Fall Out Boy vs. John Denver) iWillBattle - The Faster The Feels (TWICE vs. Within Temptation) Richest Llama - Levidating (Dua Lipa vs. Blink-182)  MsMiep - Don't You Forget My Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Simple Minds vs. Verka Serduchka) MashGyver - Bye Bye Puppets (Metallica vs. NSYNC) Vixoria Drift - Friday (Hey Oh) (Rebecca Black vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers)