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Bootie Mashup Top 10 – February 2022


Fair warning: This month’s Top 10 is fairly rock-based, due in part that in the past few weeks, Crumplbangers has hosted two of their most popular Weekly Challenges: the emo-flavored When We Were Young Festival Challenge, and last week’s Pop Goes Rock. Simply put, there were too many great rock mashups to ignore! 

We’ll probably get DJ Tyme in here to compile next month’s list, just to get more club-friendly bangers back on this list, but since our San Francisco club schedule moved from weekly to monthly this past month, this all tracks — especially for our Twitch audience that loves the genre-clash these mashups amply serve up! – Adriana A

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Released: 02/24/2022

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ah! - Peacemaker In The USA (Miley Cyrus vs. Wig Wam) CastleR - Even Money Flow (Rihanna vs. Pearl Jam) DJ Sires - ABCDie Young Stacy (GAYLE vs. Fountains of Wayne vs. Kesha) Marc Johnce - I Wanna Dance With Somebody All Night Long (Whitney Houston vs. AC/DC) DoM - Up Mambo No. 5 (Cardi B vs. Lou Bega) Joseph James - Don't Talk About Bruno One More Time (Encanto Cast vs. Britney Spears) Instamatic vs. iWillBattle - Beatles Got Back (Sir Mix-a-lot vs. The Beatles vs. Channel One) reconthuse - Any American Idiot of Mine (Shania Twain vs. Green Day) Ray C - Only The Good Tear Us Apart (Joel Division) (Billy Joel vs. Joy Division) GladiLord - Cows Will Never Hurt You (Doja Cat vs. My Chemical Romance)