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Band Members

Smash-Up Derby has had the privilege of working with many great musicians and performers since it’s very beginning

Adrian Roberts
Mimi Lee Ferrari
Trixxie Carr
ShyBoy (Jason Arnold from Bootie LA aka DJ ShyBoy)
Kat Robichaud
Myster C (our resident rapper)

Matty C – drums
Angela Momiyama – bass guitar/keyboard/vocals
Gavin Owen – lead guitar/vocals
Graham Ruby – rhythm guitar/bass/keyboards
Jamie Cronander – guitar/keyboard/vocals
Eddie Delaney – drums

Guest Performers:
Grand Pamini
DJ Jelly Donut
DJ Zebra
Bayern Maiden

Previous members (featured on the downloadable links):
Jason Martinez- lead guitar
Sam Henry – bass guitar



DRA'man - Only Crazy Love Breaks Your Heart (Beyoncé vs. St. Etienne)

DJ Gizmo - The Danger Dance (Men Without Hats vs. Big Data)

HallMighty - Dance, Dance The Night (Fall Out Boy vs. Dua Lipa)

Captain Obvious - Houdini Everywhere (Dua Lipa vs. Fleetwood Mac)

haakmash - I Want It Haddaway (Backstreet Boys vs. Haddaway)

Aggro1 - Styrax Operator (Sade vs. Drymer)

That Other Ted - Makin' My Stay Downtown (Vanessa Carlton vs. The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber)

Adriana A - I Keep Forgettin' You Got A Fast Car (Luke Combs vs. Michael McDonald)

DJ J-Brew - Cruel Summertime (Taylor Swift vs. Semisonic)

DSP - Now And OrelThen (The Beatles vs. Orelsan)