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January 1, 2023

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Line Up

TUESDAYS — 5-8pm PT / 8-11pm ET
Deep Cuts
w/ Dada

WEDNESDAYS — 1-4pm PT / 4-7pm ET
Mashup Listening Party w/ Adriana A

THURSDAYS — 3-7pm PT / 6-10pm ET
Pre-Rollin’ w/ Tyme, Tibby, & Lobsterdust

FRIDAYS — 1:30-3pm PT / 4:30-6pm ET
Sit N Spin w/ Fox Sounds

FRIDAYS — 3-4pm PT / 6-7pm ET
Weekly Meeting w/ Adriana A

FRIDAYS — 4-7pm PT / 7-10pm ET
Happy Hour w/ Airsun

SATURDAYS — 4-7pm PT / 7-10pm ET
Mashups Rock w/ DJ EN8

About this event

Every week on Twitch, in addition to the special themed parties we do on Fridays and Saturdays, we also have SEVEN regular weekly shows every Tuesday through Saturday.
Spinning the best mashups in the world ever, Bootie Mashup was launched in San Francisco in 2003, shamelessly mixing and matching pop songs both throwback and current. With its creative theme parties and clever mashup formula, Bootie Mashup has been winning numerous nightlife awards in multiple cities for over 17 years. Its fun, danceable song combinations are the soundtrack for the A.D.D. generation.



Lewis Wake - Voodoo Montero (Lil Nas X vs. The Prodigy & Pendulum) William Maranci - A Thousand Monteros (Vanessa Carlton vs. Lil Nas X) Marc Johnce - Save Your Lovers (Kylie Minogue vs. The Weeknd) ah! - Rain Of Funk (Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande vs. Rage Against The Machine) Shahar Varshal - You Give Love A Bad Rasputin (Bon Jovi vs. Boney M.) MashupChuck - My Kind Of Bellyache (Luke Bryan vs. Billie Eilish) Ray C - Sweet Emotion Queen (Aerosmith vs. ABBA) Doug Ferguson - Brick Shout (Mötley Crüe vs. Commodores) King of Pants - We Built Enola Gay (Starship vs. O.M.D.) ah! - Grapevine Angel (Marvin Gaye vs. Massive Attack)