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September 6, 2020

Twitch Burn Week 2020: 11 virtual Burning Man parties!

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Our 15th year of doing Bootie Mashup Burning Man parties! Who cares that they're mostly all on Twitch this year?

Set times vary


Line Up

MONDAY AUGUST 31 – 7-10pm PT / 10pm-1am ET / 4-7 AM CET
Death Guild Thunderdome w/ Adriana A & Jupiter Gatling

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 1 — 7-11pm PT / 10pm-2am ET / 4-8 AM CET
CurioCities in BRCvr w/ Adriana A
(Not on Twitch, only streaming in BRCvr)

— 1-4pm PT / 4-7pm ET / 10pm-1am CET
BRC Mixtape: Mashup Listening Party w/ Adriana A

— 3-5pm PT / 6-8pm ET / 12-2am CET
Tibby’s Sunset Party w/ Lobsterdust

— 5pm-1am PT / 7pm-4am ET / 2-10am CET
Pre-Rollin’ / After-Role w/ DJ Tyme

— 3-6pm PT / 6-9pm ET / 12-3am CET
Virtual Playa Happy Hour w/ DJ Airsun

— 6-7pm PT / 9-10pm ET / 3-4am CET
Piss Clear Book Reading w/ Adriana A

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4 (overnight)
— 7pm-7am PT / 10pm-10am ET / 4am-4pm CET
AutoSub w/ DJ Tyme, Jupiter Gatling, Adriana A

— 8-10pm PT / 10pm-12am ET / 5-7am CET
Bootie Mashup at Burn2 in Second Life w/ DJ SQWRL
(Not on Twitch, only at Burn2 in Second Life)

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4 (overnight)
— 12-1am PT / 3-4am ET / 9-10am CET
Daft Punk at the Trash Fence w/ ???

— 4pm-7am PT / 7pm-10am ET / 1am-4pm CET
Celestial Bodies in the Dusty Multiverse
w/ EN8, Jupiter Gatling, Adriana A, Pimpdaddysupreme, Lobsterdust
(Also in VR in the Dusty Multiverse and MysticVerse)

About this event

Burning Man might not be happening out in the Black Rock Desert this year, but Bootie Mashup will still be doing a series of playa-centric sets on our Twitch channel, with the same sort of DJ sets and parties that we do out in Black Rock City.

Most of these will be livestreaming on our Twitch channel, but a few also happen in VR in a couple of the Burning Man “multiverses” that are being created for the week, including the Dusty Multiverse and BRCvr. See above for the complete schedule!


Voicedude - All I Want For Christmas Is No Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey vs. Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, The Zombies, Black Eyed Peas, Boston, Journey) Girl Talk - Ain't No Anti-Hero High Enough (Taylor Swift vs. Diana Ross) Lobsterdust - Play That Insane Brain Music (Cypress Hill vs. Wild Cherry) Adriana A - Glory Box or Lose It (Portishead vs. Vitalic) DJ Giac - I Want September (Backstreet Boys vs. Earth, Wind & Fire) iWillBattle - The Edge of Johto (Lady Gaga vs. Pokémon) DJs From Mars - Unholy Drugs From Amsterdam (Sam Smith & Kim Petras vs. Mau P) reconthuse - Then I'm Without You (The Proclaimers vs. Avicii feat. Sandro Cavazza) Adriana A - Cool Dark Fame Allies (Irene Cara vs. Echosmith vs. Light Asylum) DoM - I Will Always Love You Under The Purple Rain (Whitney Houston vs. Prince)