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Lloyd’s Bootie Mashup Megamix: 112 mashups in 2+ hours!


If you ever wondered what our “Best of Bootie Mashup” mixtapes would sound like if someone did a frenetic “Girl Talk-style” (or Vegas DJ?) mix, wonder no more! Lloyd from Mashstix did a banger job!

112 mashups crammed into a little over 2 hours!

Listen here:

Mixed by Lloyd

DJ Topcat – The Safety Booty
Dave Wrangler – Summertime Stylo
A Plus D – Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger
Rick Wain – Funkytown Kiss
Divide & Kreate – Dance Dreams
DJ Schmolli – Sweet Sweet Dreams
Loo & Placido – Shake
Chambaland – Dark Pony
Titus Jones – Don’t 69 in The Dark Without Jagger
G3RSt – I Want Stacy’s Mom
Fisssunix – Whole Lotta Sex Machine
DJ Tripp – My Superstitious Brain
Dan Mei & Marc Johnce – Crazy Rock N Roll Sugar Night Gambler
DJ Y Alias JY – Teardrop Madness
Lobsterdust – My Irreplaceable
dj BC – Stunting Like A Father Figure
A Plus D – Standing In The Way Of Connection
Divide & Kreate – Hard As Pop
MadMixMustang – The Ice Cream Mash
Lobsterdust – Tainted Jesus
Swede Mason – Masterchef Synesthesia
Go Home Productions – Hanging Out Of Heaven
Shahar Varshal – Careless Heaven
DJ Moule – Fa Fa Fa Good
Max Entropy – Short Skirt, London Bridge
g4gorilla – Not Farewell
team9 – The Money Song
Go Home Productions – Smells Like Rocking’ Robin
Mastgrr – Cooking By The Book (A Lil Bigger Mix)
Dan Meth & dj BC – Gimme The Nightclub
Lobsterdust – It’s Fun To Smoke Dust (Clip)
YITT – Semi Automatic Life
Party Ben – Paid For My Doorbell
Chambaland – Never Want You Back
Don Hector – Closer Macarena
Mighty Mike – Heart-Shaped Desires
DJ Morgoth – Sing Hallelujah To The New Divide
9freak9 – Dance Wif Ur Hands In The Ayer
Ludachrist – Pon De Foley
Entyme – #selfieDICKPIC
Poj Masta – Oh Yeh!
Party Ben – This Tightrope’s Made For Walkin’
DJ Magnet – Brick Dick
BootOX – Brick And Stop
DJ John – It Takes Two To Kiss
DJ Mix – Sexy Bak
LeeDM101 – History Of A Lonely Heart
Jay-R – My Other Car Is A Beatle
Faroff – Ray No Speak No Americano
Manriki – Love Or Hate Me Banquet
Matt Hite – Material Mickey
Electrosound – Salmon Rehab
Mighty Mike – Use The Same Old Song
pomDeter – Call Me A Hole
MadMixMustang – I Got More Than A Feeling
Lenlow – Do Your Thing To The Music
Go Home Productions – My Paperback Sharona
A Plus D – Gucci Gucci Girl Power
ComaR – Knocklife
DJ Earworm – Funky Goes To Hollywood
DJ Schmolli – Rock Of Ages
DJ Tripp – Turn Down For Humpty
DJ Schmolli – Rude Boy Resort
Lobsterdust – Walkin’ Out Yo Girlfriend
Go Home Productions – Pink Wedding
Jay-R – S.L.H. (Sri Lanka High)
Clive$ter – Am I Undone
Go Home Productions – Don’t Hold Back (Sweet Jane)
Divide & Kreate – Always With You
Mighty Mike – City Down Under
Divide & Kreate – Midnight Diamonds
Lenlow – Work It Out
DJ Tripp ft Rhythm Scholar – Hold It Now, Hit It!
DJ Schmolli – Justice For Billie Jean
The Hood Internet – Suit And Commercial
The Hood Internet – The Poison Starts To Burn
Wax Audio – Enter You
King Of Pants – Feel My Goodies
Lloyd – Some Nights I’m Your Pusher
Party Ben – Every Car You Chase
Dan Mei & Marc Johnce – Chasing Cars That Way
Party Ben – What’s My Name Jack
DJs From Mars – Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers
Dan Mei & Marc Johnce – My Life On A Crazy Train Sucks
A Plus D – Don’t Stop Believin’ In Planet Rock
dj BC – Everybody’s Everyday Girl
DJ Schmolli – Titanium 500
Mike Relm – Josie With Attitude
LeeDM101 – Womanizer On Fire
Marc Johnce – Know Your Enemy That Got Away
A Plus D – Pour Some Hot Sugar
Party Ben – Single Ladies (In Mayberry)
BootOX – Rockin’ Maedchen Drive Me Crazy
King Of Pants – Badd To Me
Rockit (Jay-R) – Problem 99
Mighty Mike – Steal my Balloon
The Kleptones – Voodoo Sabotage
DJ Schmolli – Crush It
Hathbanger – Party & Bullshit
Jeff Jones – Party In The Empire State
DRA’man – Never Shake That
Adriana A – Mask. Gloves, Soap, Vogue
Adriana A – Vogue, Nails, Hips, Heels
A Plus D – Oh Yeah Yeah!
DJ Mei-Lwun – How Low
The Kleptones vs. Lloyd – Welcome Back The Noise (mix exclusive)
Jells Mayhem of The Illuminoids – Welcome To The Jungle (Serpentine Edit)
Marc Johnce – Flex Gym Duck
John Marr – Black Or White
Loo & Placido – Sweet World O’ Mine
DJ Schmolli – One Mi Sweet Dutchie
DJ Earworm – If I Were A Free Fallin’ Boy

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