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Lloyd’s Bootie Anthology Vol. 2: 102 mashups in 2 hours!


Lloyd has done it again, creating Volume 2 of his Bootie Mashup Anthology, mixing over 100 mashups — most of which have appeared on Best of Bootie Mashup compilations or our Bootie Mashup Top 10 lists — into a seamless 2-hour megamix! Includes many more recent tracks than the first anthology, and it’s still very much a banger!

Listen here:


Mixed by Lloyd

Ah! – Heart-Shaped Watermelon
DJ Moule – Deep Message
Smija – Man’s Red Fire
DRA’man – Jump Around The Lines
DJBC – I’m Too XXXy
Jack Roger – Don’t Say Love Jolene
Jack Roger ft. The Illuminoids – Rain On Me Shelter
Marc Johnce – Don’t Break Ice Cold Rain On Me
Oneboredjeu – Aqua Rain
MixmstrStel – Dream All Night
DJ Schmolli – Epic Love All Night
DJ Tripp – Dynamite Pressure
MixmstrStel – Beverly Hills Cheerleader
Lobsterdust – Glass Octopus
DJ Topcat – Only Like You
Salvador G – So Juicy
ZooKreeper – Cut To Africa
Warezio – Cut To More Than A Feeling
The Reborn Identity – This Charming Video Game
Bill McClintock – Girls, Girls, Girls! (Your Mama Too)
DeeM – Havana Sax Up
SMASH – everything She Wants Is A Dance Monkey
Kill_mR_DJ – Numb Habits
DRA’man – Up Diner
Happy Cat Disco – No Feelings, Just Good Taste
Lobsterdust – What’s Love Got To Dance Dance
Mighty Mike – Pressure Time
Satis5d – It’s Outatime In Your Eyes
Arty Fufkin – Been Caught Stealing Your Rump
DJ magic Baron – Alive And Sledgehammer
DJ Topcat – More Than On Point
Team9 – Sugar & Cheese
DJ Paul V – Just Can’t Get Club Action
DJ Tripp – Just Got Enough Feeling
Voicedude – Perfect Feeling
PomDeter – Beastie Shark
Rhythm Scholar – Any Way You Want It (Syntax Error Remix)
DJ Schmolli – A Deeper Love In The Free World
DJ Gizmo – Pictograph
DJ Fox – Grape By The Ocean
Voicedude – Cocaine By The Ocean
Titus Jones – Cherry Milkshake By The Ocean
Doug Ferguson – Relax In The Box
DJBC – Shorty Shutup
DJ Schmolli – Hipnotize Mama
DJ Prince – C’mon Drop It Like It’s Hot
Team9 – B.F. Meets T.I.
SMASH – Freestyler Will Rock You
Copycat – Fade To Pretty Vacant
DJ Mario Santiago – Prayer In C Otherside
Happy Cat Disco – When Doves Cry By Your Side
Jonny English – Stand Up & Swing
DJ Rick Lee – Gimme Torn
Michmash – Juicy Shotgun
Amoraboy – Just The Way You Live
Robin Skouteris – Whole Lotta Rockin Beats
Copycat – Stormstereo Notorious Uptown Funk
DJ Tripp – Paper Rump
Divide & Kreate – What Smile
SMASH – Can’t Stand Losing Hipe Hopes
Victor Serna – Hope To Win
Oneboredjeu – My Hopes
BootOX – California Skank
Rhythm Scholar – Summertime
Dean Belz – Shout Lean On
Jack Roger – Beautiful Dirrty Desert Mwah
Electrosound – 19-2000 Funk
DJBC – Unbelievable Juice And Gin
Rhythm Scholar – Hit Me
Happy Cat Disco – So Ob La Di Ob La Da
Divide & Kreate – Ray Of Mayo
DJ Cummerbund – PantsFeet
Comar – Chercher La Kryptonite
DJs From Mars – It’s My Life, Rock This Party
Zyle & Johnce – Just Titanium Dance Dynamite, Sorry
DJ Dumpz – Rhythm Of Wellerman Dreams
Phil n’ Dog – Gay Muppet Bar
The Legion Of Doom – Crazy As She Goes
Divide & Kreate – Crazy In The Deep
DJ Magnet – Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly
DJ Giant G – Obsession For You
Puffadolphin – Breathin & Dancing With A Stranger
Party Ben – Boulevard Of Broken Songs 2018
Rhythm Scholar – Swish Swish
DOSVEC – Children Clarity
DJ Schmolli – I Love Clarity
Robin Skouteris – TNT Magnum
Marc Johnce – Blinding Mama
Lobsterdust – Bonfire Vision
Lloyd – Rude Vision
DJ Pyromania – Happier In The Middle
Isosine – Stay (Under My Umbrella)
MixmstrStel – No Strange Scrubs
Lobsterdust – NirGaga
Half MastHat – Pokerfaces
Dunproofin’ – Groove Is In The Girls
Loopido – Refresh Montana
The Illuminoids – Heart-Shaped Titties
Daw Gun – All About That Groove
Lobsterdust – Roll It
Chrispy – Old Town Timber Road
ZooKreeper – 500 Hamster Time

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