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Bootie Bundle Fundraiser! Vintage swag on sale for one week only


Adriana A is cleaning out the Bootie Mashup Archives before relocating from San Francisco to Berlin, but before she does, she’s digging through the vaults, uncovering tons of vintage Bootie Mashup swag! So we’re turning it into a fundraising venture to help us continue to get through another year of not throwing parties in real life.

For ONE WEEK ONLY — until February 17, 2021 — we’re offering several limited-edition “Bootie Bundle” swag packages, priced from $25-$60, including shipping anywhere in the U.S. (Sorry to all the non-Americans. We are working on a future bundle promotion.)

CLICK ON OVER TO OUR SHOP! Bootie Lootie! Bootie Bounty! Bootie In A Box! Bootie Bundle! (We came up with too many cute names for this shit.)

$25 — Flat Pack — Contains all the swag that’s flat! Random CDs, stickers, flyers

$40 — Basic Box — Everything in the Flat Pack, plus posters, confetti stick

$50/60 — Fashionista Pack — Everything in the Basic Box, plus either a Bootie shirt OR a DJs From Mars shirt. Sizes & styles are extremely limited.

$60 — Lady Gaga Pack — Everything in the Basic Box, plus the rare collector’s item “Bootie Mashes Lady Gaga” CD from 2008, and the jewel-case CD, “The Best Mashups In The World Ever Are From San Francisco 2” from 2006.

Here are the various items:

• Set of posters — Including posters for Halloween Booootie, New Years Eve, and our anniversary parties

• Set of CDs — With differing Bootie Mashup CD label designs, in paper sleeves

• Jewel-case CD of “The Best Mashups In The World Ever Are From San Francisco 2” — rare, shrink-wrapped, retail-ready bootleg CD from 2006, produced by A+D.

• CD of “Bootie Mashes Up Lady Gaga” — rare promo CD from 2008, printed by her record label and containing an unreleased Earworm mashup, plus the “Just Dance” acapella

• Stickers — Random assortment of Bootie Mashup stickers, including house band Smash-Up Derby

• Flyers — Random assortment of Bootie Mashup party flyers

• Confetti stick

• Possible other random crap, like DVDs with Bootie Mashup party visuals, buttons, glitter, etc.

• Bootie t-shirt — old-school design by KillerBob, screenprinted -OR- DJs From Mars t-shirt

• USB stick with the original “Bootie In A Box” set of MP3s from 2009 — early mashups no longer available, many never made it to our website, some aren’t even tagged well (that’s how you know they’re vintage!)

• Maybe some bonus glitter?


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