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3-Year Twitchiversary! 4 days of non-stop streaming


Three years ago, as the Coronapocalypse shut our parties down, Bootie Mashup quickly migrated to Twitch. We were an early adopter in what became known as The Great DJ Livestream Migration of 2020. But ever since things started to re-open, we’ve found that the nightlife scene is a bit different post-pandemic. Which is why we’re so grateful to have found such an amazing global audience on Twitch after our crazy pivot to livestreaming.

This weekend, we celebrate Bootie Mashup’s 3-Year Twitchiversary, with four days of non-stop mashup mayhem, featuring resident DJs Adriana A, DJ Tyme, Airsun, Lobsterdust & Tibby, DJ Firth, and Jupiter Gatling, along with special guests Fox Sounds, PDS Mix, iWillBattle, Dunproofin’, and fnogg. And of course, filling in the gaps will be DJ Otto Shüffle on Bootie Mashup Radio, livestreaming the overnights from Adriana’s bluescreen apartment studio. 

Channel artist Jupiter Gatling is planning to drop some new animated emotes, DJ Tyme has a few special surprises lined up, and it’s all hands on deck, spinning all the mashups you love to celebrate three years on Twitch!

Join us at:

Here’s the complete schedule. All show times are Pacific Time Zone, sorry, you’ll have to do your own time zone math!


4-7pm: Cat Cam: Green Happy Hour w/ Lobsterdust & Tibby
7-10pm: Adriana’s Chat Poll Control: Theme Battles!
10pm-1am: St. Paddy’s Day w/ PDS Mix


1-8am: EITHER Jupiter Gatling OR Adriana’s Apartment w/ DJ Otto Shüffle
8-11am: Cat Cam Brunch w/ Lobsterdust & Tibby
11am-4pm: Saturday Night Mashups w/ DJ Firth
4pm-1am: Saturday Night Mashups w/ DJ Tyme


1-8am: EITHER Jupiter Gatling OR Adriana’s Apartment w/ DJ Otto Shüffle
8-11am: iWillBattle – UK guest DJ set
11am-2pm: Dunproofin’ – UK guest DJ set
2-5pm: DJ Airsun
5-8pm: Fox Sounds
8-11pm: fnogg – guest DJ set
11pm-2am: In Bed w/ Adriana: Sunday Night Chillax Stream


2am-???: Adriana’s Apartment: Mashup Radio w/ DJ Otto Shüffle

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