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Best of Bootie

Our annual mixtape compilations, showcasing Bootie’s best mashups each year, complete with bonus tracks and artwork.

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Theme Albums

Special mashup compilation albums released periodically, dedicated to a specific artist, music genre, or holiday theme.

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A Plus D - Close To Konichiwa Bitches (Robyn vs. The Cure) DJ Lobsterdust - Walkin' Out Yo Girlfriend (Unk vs. Avril Lavigne vs. Toni Basil) DJ Magnet - Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly (Placebo vs. Pet Shop Boys vs. Kate Bush) DJ Paul V. - Just Can't Get Club Action (Yo Majesty vs. Depeche Mode vs. Enya) DJ Zebra - Icky Thump Whole Lotta Funk (White Stripes vs. Led Zeppelin vs. DJ Zebra) Earlybird - The Tide Is Not Unusual (Tom Jones vs. Blondie) Manriki - Love Or Hate Me Banquet (Lady Sovereign vs. Bloc Party vs. Abba) Party Ben - Tender Umbrella (Rihanna vs. General Public) Rokk Pie - Knock Em Out Girrl (Lily Allen vs. Who Made Who) The Illuminoids with Donita Sparks - Pretend We're Alala (L7 vs. CSS)