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Bootie Top 10 – June 2009


Every month or so, Bootie’s Adrian & Mysterious D — also known in the bootleg community as A Plus D — pick ten of their current favorite mashup downloads. Many of these are recent releases, while others may be forgotten favorites or great bootlegs that fell through the cracks. This list is highly-opinionated, and generally listed in alphabetical order by bootlegger.

Released: 06/11/2009

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A Plus D - Stanky Whip (GS Boyz vs. Devo) Daw-Gun - Don't You Forget American Boy (Estelle vs. Kanye West vs. Simple Minds) Dunproofin' - Lily & the Robot (Lily Allen vs. Röyksopp vs. Robyn) Earworm - Heartless (In A Bottle) (The Fray vs. Black Eyed Peas vs. The Police vs. 2Pac vs. Alan Parsons Project) Elocnep - I Believe It's Not Fair (The Darkness vs. Lily Allen) Immuzikation - Help, I'm Alive (Immuzikation B-ting Like a Hammer Remix) (Metric vs. Immuzikation) Mighty Mike - Fall Out Gloria (Fall Out Boy vs. Gloria Gaynor) Winkar Lopez - So Fine In The Sun (Mary J. Blige vs. Weezer World Famous Audio Hacker - If U Seek Lucretia (Britney Spears vs. The Sisters of Mercy) g4gorilla - I Wanna Dance With One Of These On My Mind (Pet Shop Boys vs. Whitney Houston vs. Eagles)