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Bootie Mashup Top 10 – August 2021


Well, this month’s Top 10 is certainly on “random shuffle play,” as it skips around genres and eras with wild abandon. You can tell I’m back to DJing in a nightclub (and not just on Twitch) due to the inclusion of a couple dance floor bangers (lookin’ at you, DJs From Mars) but that we also just released a country music mashup album to our Patreon. Quite a few choice tracks from Mashup YouTube as well — and yes, there’s probably a special place in Hell waiting for me for the inclusion of William Maranci‘s “Nickelback Chadsody” at the very end. Saved the worst for last? Or maybe it’s the best? The best worst? Whatever, just start streaming this shiz! – Adriana A

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Released: 08/26/2021

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Vixoria Drift - I Wanna Daisy (Ashnikko vs. Sheryl Crow) DJs From Mars & Mo27Da - Gangsta's Peaches (Justin Bieber vs. Coolio) DAW-GUN - Dreams of Bad Habits (Fleetwood Mac vs. Ed Sheeran) Rappy - Dynamite Barbie Girl (BTS vs. Aqua) DJ Zax - Without Your Tears (Kid LAROI x Miley Cyrus x The Weeknd x Ariana Grande) Anson Eggerss - Levitating Alabama (Dua Lipa vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd) Shahar Varshal - Chasing Mandy (Dance Version) (Barry Manilow vs. Snow Patrol) Voicedude - Good For Being Lonely (Olivia Rodrigo vs. Backstreet Boys) Bill McClintock - Your Jumpin' Heart (Van Halen vs. Hank Williams) William Maranci - Nickelback Chadsody (Nickelback vs. Queen)