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December 1, 2023

San Francisco Tay Tay B-Day @ Oasis

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It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday month! We’ll have b-day cupcakes, drag queens, and all the Taylor songs you love!

10 PM - 2 AM

298 11th Street @ Folsom, San Francisco


Line Up

Mashup DJs:
Adriana A (it’s her birthday too!)
DJ Tyme
Pop-up drag performances by:
The Monster Show 
Which Taylor Swift Era Are You?
Walk the catwalk to show off your lewks!

About this event

Look what she made us do! It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday month, and Bootie Mashup is here for it! We’ll have b-day cupcakes, drag queens, and all the Taylor songs you love, mashed up with anybody and everybody. Come up on stage to show off your lewks on the catwalk, as we ask: “Which Taylor Swift Era Are You?” It’s also the birthday of our resident Swiftie, the Bootie Mashup queen herself, Adriana A. Come out to shake it off with us! Are you ready for it?
Showcasing the best mashups in the world ever, Bootie Mashup prides itself on throwing genre-fluid dance parties, shamelessly combining pop songs both throwback and current. With our fun, creative themes, our diverse team of pop pirates have won numerous nightlife awards in California and beyond.


DRA'man - Only Crazy Love Breaks Your Heart (Beyoncé vs. St. Etienne)

DJ Gizmo - The Danger Dance (Men Without Hats vs. Big Data)

HallMighty - Dance, Dance The Night (Fall Out Boy vs. Dua Lipa)

Captain Obvious - Houdini Everywhere (Dua Lipa vs. Fleetwood Mac)

haakmash - I Want It Haddaway (Backstreet Boys vs. Haddaway)

Aggro1 - Styrax Operator (Sade vs. Drymer)

That Other Ted - Makin' My Stay Downtown (Vanessa Carlton vs. The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber)

Adriana A - I Keep Forgettin' You Got A Fast Car (Luke Combs vs. Michael McDonald)

DJ J-Brew - Cruel Summertime (Taylor Swift vs. Semisonic)

DSP - Now And OrelThen (The Beatles vs. Orelsan)