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April 30, 2023

Los Angeles Neotropolis w/ Adriana A – cyberpunk festival, 3 nights

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Adriana A brings cyberpunk mashup DJ sets to this 5-day futuristic sci-fi festival in the Mojave Desert.

Thurs: 12mid / Fri: 1am / Sat: 1am

Edwards, CA


Line Up

Thursday April 27 – 12 mid
Club Kaiju

Friday April 28 – 1 am
The Core

Saturday April 29 – 1 am
The Core

About this event

Neotropolis is an immersive, 5-day sci-fi and cyberpunk-themed event that takes place in the Mojave Desert. Bootie Mashup’s own Adriana A is proud to be a part of the entertainment line-up, where she’ll be custom-crafting special retro-futuristic cyberpunk mashup DJ sets, grafting pop vocals from the 1980s through the 2020s over darksynth, synthwave, darkwave, and electro.

For a preview, check out our Cyberpunk: Bootie Mashup mixtape!


Aggro1 - Anti-Hero God (Taylor Swift vs. Ghost Data)

Calle Hansson - Everybody's Heartache (Tina Turner vs. Evanescense)

Bill McClintock - Could You Be a Freak on a Leash (Korn vs. Bob Marley)

HallMighty - Knock Out The Pieces (LL Cool J vs. Average White Band)

iWillBattle - Le Perv Up Your Life (Spice Girls vs. Carpenter Brut)

DJ Firth - Heart Will Go On In The End (Linkin Park vs. Celine Dion vs. Jay Whoke)

Adriana A - A Spellbound Mistake (Siouxsie & the Banshees vs. The Bravery)

CastleR - Another Song of Death (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. The Cure)

ah! - Don't Start Now, It's 1979 (Dua Lipa vs. Smashing Pumpkins)

Fox Sounds - Coming With Myself (Billy Idol vs. The Weeknd)