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March 13, 2022

Twitch 2-Year Twitchiversary: 55-Hour Streamathon w/ 14 DJs!

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Celebrating 2 years on Twitch with an epic 3-day streamathon!

Friday March 11 - Sunday March 13


Line Up

All DJ set times listed Pacific Time Zone (best coast! sorry, New York)

1-4pm: DJ Freddy, King of Pants (Seattle)
4-7pm: Happy Hour w/ Lobsterdust & Tibby (NYC)
7pm-2am: The Tyme Hole w/ DJ Tyme (SF)
2am-8am: Adriana A & Jupiter Gatling (Berlin)
8-11am — Lobsterdust (NYC)
11am-2pm — Live Guitar Mashups w/ Jimi G (SF)
2-5pm — PDS Mix (Nashville)
5-8pm: Mashups Rock w/ DJ EN8 (LA)
8pm-2am: DJ Airsun (SF)
2-6am: DJ N3Rv
6am-9am — Lobsterdust & Tibby (NYC)
9am-12pm — Foxlandia Brunch w/ Fox Sounds (SF)
12-3pm — DJ SQWRL (St. Louis)
3-6pm — DJ Forge (New Zealand)
6-9pm — Deep Cuts (& More) w/ DJ Dada (SF)

About this event

OMG has it really already been two years since the Coronapocalypse started and we all began The Great DJ Migration To Twitch? Bootie Mashup was one of the first DJ crews to make the leap to livestreaming, launching our channel the day we found out that clubs were forced to close in California, and doing our very first DJ livestream two days later.
And this weekend, we are celebrating with a 55-hour streamathon, featuring 14 of our resident and guest DJ fam! From Friday afternoon till Sunday night, tune in for our 2-Year Twitchiversary, celebrating mashup culture and the unique corner of the internet that we’ve carved out for ourselves!
Showcasing the best mashups in the world ever, Bootie Mashup has been throwing genre-fluid dance parties since 2003, shamelessly combining pop songs both throwback and current. With our fun, creative themes, our diverse team of pop pirates have won numerous nightlife awards in multiple cities for over 18 years.


Titus Jones - Texas Thump 'Em (Beyoncé vs. Chumbawamba vs. Lady Gaga vs. Patsy Cline)

DJ Tripp - Hold Me Up (Beyoncé vs. Avicii)

Samuel's Mashups - Yes, And Vogue (Ariana Grande vs. Madonna)

Adamusic - we can't be friends x dancing on my own (Ariana Grande vs. Robyn)

Marc Johnce - Come Back (Is It Over Now?) (Taylor Swift vs. Bunny X)

DJs From Mars - Animals Lovin' On Me (Jack Harlow vs. Martin Garrix)

iWillBattle - Supermassive Training Season (Dua Lipa vs. Muse)

Dunproofin' - Can't Get Him Back (Olivia Rodrigo vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Lobsterdust - Heroes x Heroes (Tove Lo, Alesso vs. David Bowie)

Lobsterdust - Bleeding In Hollywood (Post Malone vs. System Of A Down)