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Bootie Top 10 – August/September 2017

Hey, we warned you it might be a couple months before we got around to posting another Bootie Top 10. But because we’re so O.C.D. and don’t want to look like we skipped a month, we’re just gonna call this “August/September” and post it in the middle of October … BECAUSE WE CAN. It’s our web site, and if we’re hella late, well… we’re sorry. Here, have some free mashups.

This month’s list was once again compiled by Adrian A (Mysterious D will be picking out the next batch) and you can tell we threw a Daft Punk vs. The Chainsmokers Mashup Night recently. We also got a Halloween mashup for you, one that we got just a little too late for our recently-released Halloween Booootie 5 album. And a Taylor Swift double-shot of her new single, because you know we loves us some Tay. 


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Drazile - Human After All (Rag'n'Bone Man vs. Daft Punk) Rudeejay & Da Brozz - Tom's Closer (The Chainsmokers vs. Bingo Players) RysonRemix - Fetish Feeling (Selena Gomez vs. The Weeknd) satis5d - Closer to the Edge of Summer (Thirty Seconds To Mars vs. Don Henley) Shahar Varshal - I Took A Pill With Panjabi (Mike Posner vs. Panjabi MC) Silent Ronald - Midnight In Paris (The Chainsmokers vs. M83) Warezio - heavydirtysweat (twenty one pilots vs. C&C Music Factory) ________________ TAYLOR SWIFT DOUBLE-SHOT: AnDyWu - Look What Toxic Made Me Do (Taylor Swift vs. Britney Spears) Warezio - Everything You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift vs. Bush) ________________ HALLOWEEN MASHUP! Hawkins - Ghostflektor (Ray Parker Jr. vs. Arcade Fire)