Bootie - Second Life

Second Life's mashup bootleg party, held every Saturday at The H-Bomb Lounge -– spinning only the finest bootlegs and bastard pop.


9 PM – 3:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
Webcast live from Bootie at the DNA Lounge, San Francisco

Hosted by: KEELA LATTE

Bootie DJs:


And special guest DJs every party!
CLICK HERE to the Bootie SF page to find out who's spinning at the next Bootie SL party!

Bootie is about the underground. It represents all the things you don't want to admit to liking, but are strangely drawn to. The music, the culture, the identity are all drawn together in one place and that place is Bootie.

Bootie SL is the same. It's where the people in the know come to hang out, to gather in unison to dance the night away in a club fitting of the Bootie name.

The H-Bomb Lounge:
A cross-cultural nightclub where all walks of Second Life are welcome to unwind and dance to tunes spun by some of the best DJs in our virtual world! Come meet up with old friends and make some new ones on our dance floor .


"BootieSL: The only reason worth sitting at home in front of my computer on a Saturday night." -- Dov Watanabe

"Bootie Parties are THE hottest Parties in SL -- worth losing sleep over!" -- TheDiva Rockin

"Bootie ... well what does Bootie mean to me? From the rocking dykes and mashup freaks at the old Cherry Bar to the cavernous DNA Lounge with live shows, pirates ahoy, and superstar Jedi DJs, it holds a lot of warm, fond, and slightly chaotically-tinged memories. From live drag lip-sync fashion shows, seeing a crowd go mad for Eric Kleptone to talking Kiss with Dada and a hobo outside, dropping a track you know the Bootie crowd will go mad for and they do, there is a little bit of friendly madness about Bootie.I've DJ'd there twice, once solo in 2004 and once with friends in 2006 as Instamatic and DJNoNo -- it's always fun and it's a credit to Adrian and Mysterious D that they instil a little bit of the ol' Bootie madness even in a 1,500 capacity venue -- and can now share that with the world with the audio stream and webcam. Bootie via Mr. Kleptone even introduced me to one of the staples of my set at Bootie -- Funkytown Kiss -- which with it's mix of disco, Tom Jones, and Prince, kind of sums up in one track the Bootie spirit, unashamedly pop but also slightly warped -- in a very enjoyable way!

And now Bootie has now brought that musical madness to Second Life, so you can enjoy the music and chat with fellow partygoers and hear Bootie live from San Francisco ... Bootie's spirit fits the rebellious and hacking/mashing spirit of the pioneers of SL closely, and who knows even the pirates of SL might turn up!" -- Tim aka DJNoNo Ulysses

"I've been going to Bootie in SL since before it was Bootie. I love mashups, and went to a mashup event that turned out to be Andy's first Bootie night at his new house! For fans of mashups, Bootie is THE source for the latest and greatest, and I think we're damn lucky to have the Bootie SF event streamed to SL. It's one of the only clubs I ever go to here, and Bootie SL has the best music in SL period! Thanks! -- Valerie Bethune, Bootie SL veteran