SF Weekly review: “Bootie Takes Pop Culture and Rearranges It Completely”

SF Weekly just published a mostly spot-on review of Bootie SF – entitled “Bootie Takes Pop Culture and Rearranges It Completely” – that really captures the essence of the party, especially during the 1 AM hour. (The reviewer showed up late, so he missed the Hubba Hubba Revue burlesque performances and aerial act, as well as Mysterious D‘s prime-time set.) But this quote really nails it:

“[Bootie] reclaims pop music by turning it into a kind of weird folk art reminiscent of fan fiction’s unlimited and uncanny “what if?” scenarios. Much like the dual faces projected on the screen, the mashups are reminiscent of drag turned into an inhabitable experience, where two binary opposites are combined to create an entirely different category.”

Read the whole article HERE.

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