Bootie Top 20 – September/October 2011

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When we started the Bootie Top 10, we had rules, dammit! Only 10 mashups! Posted the first week of every month! No more than one mashup per producer! Listed in alphabetical order by bootlegger!

But everyone knows what rules are for: to be broken! Hell, this is Bootie’s mantra!

For one thing, this semi-monthly list of mashup downloads is turning into a “Top 10″ in name only, due to the fact that we rarely whittle this thing down to only 10 tracks, and half the time, we’re trying to make up for posting this shit weeks late anyway.

This month is no exception. Yeah, yeah, we pretty much skipped September, just like we predicted we would, since all we did the entire month was play “catch up” after being at Burning Man, not to mention having so many Booties to run, and an Asia tour to plan! (This is why we gave you guys 15 mashups in August.)

Whatever. We’ve yet to hear anyone complain about us posting TOO MANY free mashups. And since we’ll be gigging in Southeast Asia pretty much the entire month of October, and then be knee-deep in Halloween Booootie parties and the return of Bootie Brooklyn on November 5, don’t expect another “Bootie Top 10″ at least until then. You have been warned!

But to make it up to you, we’re giving you September and October together NOW. And if you’re doing the math, that means between August and October, you’ve gotten 35 mashups. Yes, an extra five mashups – MORE than you’d have gotten in 3 months. Consider it our “late fee.” You’re welcome.

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Or right-click individual tracks below to download.

dj BC - Queen of Atlanta (Queen vs. JD and Ludacris vs. Ray Charles vs. CL Smooth vs. Outkast) - Atlanta
It’s only been a few months since dj BC left Bootie Boston to relocate to Atlanta, but he’s already launching Bootie ATL … complete with its own theme song! But what do you expect from a guy who has a Bootie tattoo on his arm? This mashup would definitely make us want to go to the ATL party!

Daily Daze – Stayin’ Low! (Bee Gees vs. Lil’ Jon vs. De La Soul) – Russia
Lobsterdust – Stayin’ Hot (Nelly vs. Bee Gees) - New York City
DJ Rick Lee – Children Should Be Dancing (Bee Gees vs. Dave Darell) – Germany
We have a soft spot for the Bee Gees, as this “triple shot” attests. We couldn’t pick just one! The first two re-appropriate the venerable (and always danceable) music of “Stayin’ Alive,” while the third updates “You Should Be Dancing” for the electro generation, complete with filter sweeps and breakdowns.

DJs From Mars – Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers (Dizzee Rascal vs. Bombs Away vs. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) – Italy
DJs From Mars do it again! We are just LOVING this one. And now when people ask “has anyone every mashed up classical music?” we’ve got more than just our own classic Beethoven mashup to showcase. It’s an 18th century mashup resurgence!

G3rst – Stand By Last Friday Night (Katy Perry vs. Ben E. King) – The Netherlands
Marc Johnce – You Shook Me All Friday Night Long (Katy Perry vs. AC/DC) – Germany
We unashamedly love Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” (which pretty much describes how we feel after nearly every Bootie SF party!) So here are two VERY different takes on it, the first turning it into a slow jam which really showcases the lyrics, and the second which Bootie’s house band Smash-Up Derby should be covering very soon, since it sounds practically tailor-made for them!

Hifi Banjo Strings – Wait For A Ride (Boston vs. Holy Ghost!) – UK
LeeDM101 – History Of A Lonely Heart (Yes vs. Groove Armada) – UK
MadMixMustang – So, Did Ya Think About It? (Rod Stewart vs. Fedde Le Grand) – The Netherlands
Considering how much the mashup scene is oversaturated with tracks featuring vocals by current rappers and pop divas (ooops! see above) it’s always a welcome relief to hear vocals from vintage songs get mashed up. Here, three classic rock staples get modern electro makeovers, recontextualizing three artists from the ’70s and giving them all a fresh sound.

Isosine – Psychosocial Baby (Justin Bieber vs. Slipknot) – Canada
This made the rounds on the internet months ago, but it took us a while to get to it. Sure it’s got the classic mashup “wow factor” – Slipknot singing over a Justin Bieber song? WTF? But once you get past the initial novelty of the total genre-clash, it still holds up, showcasing Slipknot’s nascent pop sensibilities, especially on the chorus.

MadMixMustang – Super Jumper (ABBA vs. Van Halen) – The Netherlands
The Reborn Identity – Lights Are Gonna Find Me (ABBA vs. Ellie Goulding) – UK
You can always tell when a new acapella get leaked, because the entire bootleg community jumps on it like hungry vultures, flooding the scene with mashups that all crib from the same material. The mashup scene has been sorely lacking some ABBA, but apparently the “Super Trouper” ‘pella recently got leaked. Let’s hope there’s more where that came from!

Marc Johnce – Freaky Kicks In The Dark (Foster The People vs. Dev vs. Mayra Verónica) – Germany
Marc Johnce has been a pop powerhouse in the mashup scene lately, resulting in his second appearance here this month. We’ve been waiting for a really good mashup using Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” and this delivers. Marc, you’ve done it again.

Mashup-Germany – Enjoy Yourself (Hillsong United vs. Blur vs. MGMT vs. Jaquee vs. Katy Perry vs. Culcha Candela vs. Marteria vs. Nirvana vs. Madcon) – Germany
Mashup-Germany – Leveled Without You (David Guetta feat. Usher vs. DJ Icey & Willi Wonk vs. Avicii) – Germany
Bootie Berlin‘s Mashup-Germany is our special guest DJ at Bootie LA and SF this month, so it makes sense to feature two sides of this mashup master. The first is a rock track that combines no less than nine artists. The second is a rare A+B from a producer who’s generally not happy unless he’s mashing up at least half a dozen songs. But this track is hot, and gives Usher an electro edge we love.

Mighty Mike – Crazy Time To Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs. Seal vs. Chic) – France
We just did ’70s vs. ’80s Mashup Night at Bootie SF, and we wish we had this one at the time! Oh well, we can still save it for when we do our disco-themed night, Bootie-O 54! Another great track from France’s Mighty Mike.

MixmstrStel & DJ Tripp – Where Dem Moves At, Judas? (Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera vs. Lady Gaga vs. David Guetta) – Boston / Santa Cruz, CA

Damn you, Maroon 5. We thought we hated you. I mean, we still kinda do, but now it’s because you made us actually like one your songs. That is one fine catchy pop melody, which goes even better with some David Guetta and Lady Gaga. This is well-produced dancefloor gold.

Swede Mason – Masterchef Synesthesia (Buttery Biscuit Bass) [feat. Gregg Wallace & John Torrode] – UK
This was our camp’s theme song at Burning Man this year. You had to be there. But really, it’s the video that makes this track anyway, so just watch it here, as it remixes vocal samples from the UK TV show “Masterchef’ and turns it into a BUMPIN’ dance track. Watch out for the obligatory “wobble” dubstep breakdown! The two chefs liked it so much they actually sanctioned an official release in the UK!

Titus Jones – Don’t Stop Believin’ In This Love On Earth (Lady Gaga vs. Belinda Carlisle vs. Journey vs. Madonna vs. Ke$ha vs. Bruno Mars vs. Leona Lewis vs. New York Outlaw) – Nashville
Last but certainly not least, this has been Adrian’s “secret weapon set-closer” lately. Taken from his still-great “Culture Shock” album, Titus Jones seems to be gunning for Earworm’s crown with this one, resulting in this pop mash-terpiece.

October 2011: A+D / Bootie in Southeast Asia, dj BC launches Bootie ATL, more!

Posted in AplusD, Bootie USA, tour on September 28th, 2011 by Adrian

A+D Bootie Southeast Asia - Oct 2011We’re back from Burning Man, where we had two of our best Bootie BRC parties evah! Needless to say, it took us while to get back up to speed after partying in the desert for a week – not to mention having to run multiple Bootie parties in their various locales – but now we’re ramping up to head off to Southeast Asia in October, where we’ll be doing an A+D Bootie mini-tour of Singapore, Vietnam (Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City), and Bangkok. Here are our gig dates:

, Marina Bay Sands Complex



, 26 Soi Sukhumvit 11


And back in the good ol’ US of A, Bootie Boston’s dj BC has relocated to Atlanta, where he will be launching Bootie ATL on Saturday, October 15. He just couldn’t stay away! For many years, we talked about possibly doing a party in Atlanta, and are elated that BC is finally bringing the mashup action to the Dirty South!

And finally, across the pond in Europe, Bootie Vienna returned, and it’s looking like Bootie Amsterdam will hopefully soon become a reality.

Building a mashup club empire, one brick at a time!