Pride Weekend Playlist: 7×7 posts 7 of Bootie’s Gayest Mashups

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It’s Pride Week, and 7×7 Magazine asked us to write about what Pride means to us, and of course, as an added bonus, we just HAD to include 7 of Bootie’s favorite Pride mashups. Think of it as a Pride-flavored Bootie Top 7 !

So they are, just in time for your Pride Weekend parties. Click on over to 7× to download, and get ready to dance. Happy Pride!

Hot new mashup video! Lady Judas (Lady Gaga vs Judas Priest Mashup by Wax Audio)

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These two tracks – and videos – could not go together BETTER, the amazing Wax Audio has done it again! Rather than blab on about it, let’s just post it and let you see for yourself. Enjoy!


Bootie Top 10 – June 2011

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We told you that you wouldn’t have to wait another two months for a Bootie Top 10, and we weren’t lying. Here’s a baker’s dozen (yes, 13 tracks) of mashups, including a few forgotten favorites, and a couple Bootie Exclusives you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s Pride Month here in San Francisco, so in celebration, we’ve added a couple extra ‘”gay” mashups here … but there’s definitely still a little something for everyone.

Sorted alphabetically by mashup producer. Right-click to download individual tracks.
Click here to download all 20 tracks in one convenient ZIP file!

A Plus D – Planetary Firework (Go!) (Katy Perry vs. My Chemical Romance) – San Francisco
This was made for a My Chemical Romance remix contest, and while it’s not likely to win (unless the band are secret Katy Perry fans), it’s given us an opportunity to sneak MCR (one of Adrian’s favorite bands) into our Bootie sets. The crowd never knows what hit them, since they’re too busy jumping up and down and singing along to “Firework”! Adrian imagines this in an episode of Glee, as some “girls vs. boys” or “rockers vs. pop kids” thing.

ElectroSound – Deep Desires (Adele vs. Muse) – France
Sick of this Adele song yet? Strangely, we’re not … especially when it keeps getting mashed up with interesting material, such as this bootleg from a few months ago, which reimagines Muse with a new female lead singer.

G3rst – We No Speak Cantina (Star Wars Cantina Theme vs. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP) – The Netherlands
We’ll admit it, this hits our inner-geek sweet spot. And while the MP3 is humorous enough on its own, it’s really all about the VIDEO, which takes those Darth Vader quotes and puts them in proper context.

John Marr – Black Or White (Michael Jackson vs. Martin Solveig) – Edinburgh, Scotland
This is Mysterious D’s current secret weapon. This Martin Solveig track is definitely the current electro “now sound,” but by adding classic Michael Jackson vocals to the spastic cut-up dance beats, John Marr has bridged a generation gap and brought Michael Jackson right into the future.

Lobsterdust – Whole Lotta Extra Dougie (Cali Swag District vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Katy Perry) – New York City  BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE!
Speaking of Mysterious D… she is also currently OBSESSED with this track right now. She says you can make up your own dances to it. However, if you want to see the original Dougie by Cali Swag District (R.I.P. M-Bone), click here. (Warning, it’s pretty bad!) We like this version WAY better, care of Carlton of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.”  This also happens to be our favorite “E.T.” mashup out there.

MadMixMustang – Mia Freaky Mamma (On A Leash) (Korn vs. ABBA) – The Netherlands
Marc Johnce – Word Up This Way (Lady Gaga vs. Korn vs. Cameo) – Nuremberg, Germany
We saved these for Gay Pride Month! The first one is a forgotten favorite that slowly (like, over the course of two years) grew on us and has become a staple in Adrian’s early sets. It’s an extreme genre-clash that somehow makes Korn listenable. ABBA has that kind of power. The second one features Korn covering Cameo, but mashed up seamlessly with Gaga. These are certainly the gayest songs you’ll ever hear Korn doing. And we think we like them much better this way!

Mashup-Germany – Follow Me To A Wonderful World (Elijah King vs. Louis Armstrong vs. Uncle Kracker vs. Bruno Mars vs. Rich & Bitch) – Frankfurt, Germany
Germany’s master of the multi-song mashup returns to the Top 10 with an inspired, touching mashup with uplifting lyrical messages. Bonus points for finding a way to bring back that great Louis Armstrong vocal too!

Rappy – The Power Of Creep (Celine Dion vs. Radiohead) – Jakarta, Indonesia
Another forgotten favorite, this has been Adrian’s opening song at Bootie for the past few months, where as soon as its played, at least one or two people from the venue staff come up to the DJ booth to ask “WTF?” Never fails to shock and surprise…

The Reborn Identity – Friday Night In A&E (The Smiths vs. Morning Parade) – Manchester, UK
Take the vocal from a much-beloved British alternative band from the ’80s. Mash it up with the current single from an up-and-coming British indie band. Works so damn well, and major props for being one of the few mashups anywhere using a Smiths vocal!

DJ Schmolli – Sweet Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics vs. Recover Project/La Bouche) – Vienna
Schmolli resurrects a long-forgotten early ’90s Eurodance club hit by mashing it up with the same-titled (yet timeless) Eurythmics song, which, let’s face it, people just never seem to tire of. The added bass and samples make this super fun for the dance floor.

DJ Tripp – Express This Way (Remix) (Lady Gaga vs. Madonna) – Santa Cruz, CA   BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE!
DJ Tripp remixes his own mashup (get the original here), adding a lot more creativity and production to his original mix, which, admittedly, was rushed out to the internet within hours of the release of Gaga’s “Born This Way,” in order to capitalize on its uncanny cribbing of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” Here, the extra time he spent on the remix clearly shows, with more production sheen, tailor-made for the dance floor.

Voicedude – Mars Chocolate (Bruno Mars vs. Hot Chocolate) – Orange County, CA
For the past few months, this has been Adrian’s secret weapon. Cheesy as it is, chicks just LOVE “You Sexy Thing.” Add in the surprise of “Just The Way You Are,” and suddenly, you’ve just kick-started your dance floor. Works every time.