Bootie Top 10 – February 2011

Posted in Mashup Downloads, Top10 on February 4th, 2011 by Adrian

Yeah, yeah, we know … we read your tweets. And we know you guys are chomping at the bit for a fresh batch of mashups. Yes, we skipped the month of January, since we had just released our “Best of Bootie 2010″ CD. But now that you’ve worn THAT out, it’s time to hear what’s been blowing up our playlists at Bootie this past month.

New for 2011! Download all 12 mashups in ONE CONVENIENT ZIP FILE (Right-click to download)

Our New Year’s Resolution was to buy a dedicated server so we could offer up the Top 10 (or Top 12, as the case may be) as an easy-cheesy zip file. Could Bootie love you even more?

A Plus D – Whip My Hair, Whip It Real Good (Willow Smith vs. Devo) - San Francisco

We made this especially for our pal Ryan Brockington over at the New York Post’s PopWrap blog, where it’s been available as an exclusive download. A concept so obvious, it simply HAD to be done. And frankly, we’re shocked at the quality (or lack thereof) of the few other versions out there, so we made our own with extra A Plus D pizzazz.

DJ BC – Silly Fuck Songs (Cee-Lo Green vs. Paul McCartney vs. Diana Ross) – Boston BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE!

When Bootie Boston’s DJ BC returned to San Francisco to play our flagship party last month, he came armed with a few new mashups, hot off the laptop. As soon as we heard this one though, we knew we HAD to have it as an “exclusive.” It’s perfect for all our Valentine’s parties this month!

DJs From Mars – Barbramyte (Taio Cruz vs. Duck Sauce) - Torino, Italy
BONUS TRACK: Marc Johnce – Flex Gym Duck (Duck Sauce vs. Dizzee Rascal vs Ray Krebbs) – Nuremberg, Germany

The obligatory entry from the electro-mashers supreme, DJs From Mars. Should we just start reserving a spot on each month’s Top 10 for them? Seriously! Plus, as an added bonus, it’s the original full version of Marc Johnce’s Duck Sauce mashup, which appeared in a hybrid form on the “Best of Bootie 2010″ CD.

Gaston – Cooler Bites The Dust (Queen vs. Crookers feat. Yelle) - France

We love year-end “best mashups” lists, not just to compare notes, but also to see if we missed anything … like this one, which appeared on Culture Bully’s “Top Mashups of 2010″ list. How did we miss this? This is one bad mofo of a mashup.

MadMixMustang – Let’s Dance ‘n Stuff (David Bowie vs. Deadmau5) – The Netherlands

Like so many bootleggers before him, MadMixMustang announced his retirement from the mashup scene, and then cleared off his hard drive by releasing a bunch of leftover tracks, including this previously unreleased gem from 2008. We wonder how long before MMM’s inevitable “comeback!” Seeing as he’s hosting the mashup tent at this year’s Paaspop Music Festival in The Netherlands — with tons of  bootlegger DJs, including ourselves — we think he’ll be back on that laptop churning out more mashup hits before we know it.

Marc Johnce – Know Your Enemy That Got Away (Green Day vs. Katy Perry vs. The Killers) – Nuremberg, Germany

We all know that Green Day has an awful lot of “pop” in their brand of “pop-punk” … but hearing what it would sound like if they went full-tilt Katy Perry pop is jarring … in a good way! And hey, while we’re at it, let’s “Katy Perry” The Killers, too!

Mashup-Germany – I’ll Be Missing You (Don’t Raise Your Glass) (Pink vs. Mike Posner vs. Puff Daddy feat. Faith Evans vs. Kelly Clarkson vs. Black Eyed Peas vs. Tracy Chapman vs. Chic vs. Daft Punk vs. Sportfreunde Stiller) - Frankfurt, Germany

Mashup-Germany is a master at multi-song mashups, and here, he manages to cram no less than nine songs together to craft a four-minute piece of pop gold. Or does this just prove that practically all pop songs sound the same? Either way, big ups go out to Mashup-Germany for this masterful multi-mash!

Party Ben – What’s My Name Jack (John Cougar Mellencamp vs. Rihanna & Drake) – San Francisco

With its loping low-tempo rhythm, ’80s classic “Jack & Diane” has been appropriated by many a hip-hop DJ as an easy musical bed to throw a rap and a beat on top of … and nearly all of them come off flat and uninspired. Well, leave it to someone like Party Ben to finally get it right! Loving this jam.

DJ Shyboy – DramaTron (Mary J. Blige vs. Daft Punk) – Los Angeles

How much do we love this MP3’s artwork of Mary J. Blige as a disc-throwing program on the game grid of Tron? Almost as much as we love her going dark-electro by being mashed up with Daft Punk’s soundtrack, which is “the best thing about the movie,” according to DJ Shyboy.

DJ Tripp – We R L’Amour (Ke$ha vs. Erasure) - Santa Cruz, California BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE!

Tripp makes Ke$ha tolerable by reviving a forgotten ’80s favorite and giving her a gay synthpop backing. Just in time for our twisted love mashup sets at this month’s Valentine’s parties! Well-produced and we’re loving finally hearing some Erasure in a mashup!

Voicedude – Sweet Teenage Dreams (Glee Cast vs. Eurythmics) – Los Angeles

More ’80s goodness! Darren Criss’s touching cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” – the most downloaded song in “Glee” history – gets a mashup makeover seemingly tailor-made for the Bootie dance floor! Yes, another mashup just in time for Valentines Day!