The Guardian (UK) reviews Best of Bootie, calls mashup scene “vibrant”

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Well, it’s about time. It’s starting to look like the mainstream media is finally catching on that mashups are no longer a “fad” or a “phase,” and that there is still much life and vibrancy in the current scene. Check out this review of the “Best of Bootie 2010″ album from the UK’s Guardian: newspaper:

“According to legend, the sound of inmates whooping in response to the murder lyric in Johnny Cash’s live recording of Folsom Prison Blues was actually added in a studio afterwards. So, really, mashup artist DJ Topcat has merely followed tradition by updating the famous performance with a breakbeat and a blistering guest rap from NWA’s Eazy-E. The resulting track, Folsom Prison Gangstaz, is the highlight of the Best of Bootie 2010 album, the latest instalment of the free compilations put together each year by

The album proves, once again, how imaginative and vibrant the mashup scene remains.

Other corkers include Knock Out Eileen, which features LL Cool J rhyming over Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and Papa Was a Ghost which seamlessly matches the Temptations with Deadmaus. Meanwhile, Van Halen are unlikely winners of the “most mashed” award with their song Jump appearing in three of the album’s 22 tracks: the one somehow combining it with the backing track of John Lennon’s Imagine is particularly impressive.”

Willow Smith vs. Devo – Whip My Hair, Whip It Real Good

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Bootie’s love affair with New York Post’s PopWrap continues with this, a PopWrap exclusive and A Plus D’s first mashup of 2011 – a concept so screamingly obvious that we HAD to “whip it up” (pun intended) before there were a zillion other versions out there.

Download here: A Plus D – “Whip My Hair, Whip It Real Good” (Willow Smith vs. Devo)