Bootie Top 10 – September 2010

Posted in Top10 on September 21st, 2010 by Adrian

We might as well just start reserving a spot on each Bootie Top 10 for DJs From Mars, who have been so consistent with the quality of their mashups that we can’t help but include them every month. We’re in love with Kylie’s “All The Lovers” (even if most Americans have no idea how huge she is everywhere else in the world) but pairing it with the pop-punk guitars of blink-182 – along with DJs From Mars’ trademark big electro club beats — just sends this over the edge.

The Hood Internet are known for taking up-and-coming indie bands that most people have never heard of yet and pairing them with a well-known rapper. Does it downplay the indie cred, or just make it easier for hipsters to admit they actually like hip-hop? Probably a little of both, and this is no exception. Sleigh Bells give this simplistic Usher track a rougher edge that we feel it really needed.

Proving that oftentimes an artists’ B-sides can be just as good as their legitimate releases is this track from The Kleptones “leftovers” collection, Shits & Giggles. “Gimme Shelter” is our favorite Stones song — and now it’s got a funk makeover courtesy of Rick James. “Gimme Shelter” never sounded so fun and funky!

Jumping on the “college kids making mashups who are often called a band even though they’re just two guys with laptops” trend (see: Hood Internet, Super Mash Bros., White Panda, Ludachrist) comes a couple of guys from Princeton calling themselves The MashMaticians, who strike gold with a mashup that brings two scenes from opposite coasts together — New York indie-electro fused with LA Koreatown cool. Represent!

Mashup-Germany aka Ben Stiller, one of Bootie Berlin’s resident DJs, is currently on his “Recycling Revolution” tour, and we expect him to bring down the house at Bootie SF and Bootie Rio with this European-flavored dance-floor stormer. Yup, it still feels like summertime!

How do you take one of the most lyrically thought-provoking and beautiful songs ever written, and turn it into a banal, meaningless trifle? THIS is how. Or perhaps it goes the other way, giving emotional weight and “meaning” to David Lee Roth’s ridiculously insipid lyrics. Either way, this is unexpected and clever and has the “tee-hee factor.”

Seems Party Ben has been busy making a lot of remixes as of late, but here he makes a welcome return to “A vs. B” mashupdom with a wonderful pairing that bridges the multi-generational 44-year gap between these two songs, both sung by stong female artists.

Okay, we’ll admit it: we’re suckers for this Bronski Beat song. So updating the emotionally stirring’80s club anthem with Jay-Z & Rihanna’s somewhat dark-vibed pop song just simply works in our book. When Rihanna sings “Who’s gonna run this town tonight,” against Jimmy Somerville’s “Run away, turn away, run away” choruses, it takes on a new meaning —  as if each artist is finding a very different way to cope with life’s difficulties around the city and neighborhood they come from.

Can you tell that Titus Jones just moved to Nashville? By mashing up the jubilant pop songs of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha with the country twang of Lady Antebellum, Titus makes the chart divas soundunexpectedly melancholic! Plus, bonus points for the most subtle DJ ID tag ever!

Whenever we skip town to bring Bootie to some other city, we always count on DJ Tripp to hold down the fort in San Francisco, and tracks like this prove why Bootie SF is in capable hands whenever we’re out of town. Here, Tripp steals back “Under Pressure” from Vanilla Ice and gives it to Taio Cruz, who sounds perfectly suited for this Queen & Bowie classic.