DJ Topcat’s Johnny Cash vs. Eazy-E mashup BoingBoing’ed

Posted in Uncategorized on August 23rd, 2010 by Adrian

DJ Topcat’s brilliant Johnny Cash vs. Eazy-E mashup “Folsom Prison Gangstaz” – released six months ago, but just featured on last week’s Bootie Top 10 – got BoingBoing’ed today, so now it’s making the internet meme rounds in the blogosphere and twitterverse. Just something we like to call the “Bootie Bump.”

Bootie Top 10 – August 2010

Posted in Top10 on August 17th, 2010 by Adrian

We just threw one of our biggest Bootie parties ever — the epic 7-Year Itch Anniversary in San Francisco — and in less than two weeks, we leave for Burning Man to throw Bootie BRC out in the middle of the desert. So we figured if we didn’t hustle and get this month’s Bootie Top 10 done RIGHT NOW, it wouldn’t get posted until sometime in the middle of September. And we know how you guys HATE that.

So here, without further ado, are the summertime mashup jams that have been blowin’ up our iPods (and CD decks) this past month. RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!

A Plus D – Dancing Since U Been Gone (Robyn vs. Kelly Clarkson) – San Francisco
Why isn’t Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” a smash in the U.S.? It’s a summertime hit over in Europe, but America has been slow to catch on. Perhaps by mashing it up with a #1 U.S. single from five years ago — in this case, the over-produced pop-rock of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” — we can help Robyn’s chances of making it in America.

For the more dance-floor-friendly REMIX, check out New York Post’s PopWrap blog, where it’s an exclusive download — you can only get it here!

DEEP/BLK vs. Marc Johnce – Waiting for Bulletproof at First Sight (La Roux vs. Kylie Minogue vs. Gwen Stefani) – Nuremberg, Germany
Sometimes it takes a while for a European song to hit here in America, and nothing proves that more than “Bulletproof,” which we were shocked to discover finally became a Top 10 hit in the U.S. nearly a year after it was released! (We knew something was up when the Bootie crowd started singing along!) This mashup is nearly a year old, but considering La Roux only recently became a hit in the States, we’re going to forgive ourselves for missing this one the first time around!

DJs From Mars – California Jump (Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg vs. Van Halen) – Torino, Italy
DJs From Mars are probably our favorite new bootleggers on the scene, putting their own indelible — and instantly recognizable stamp — on everything they do. What’s their formula? Start it off as a simple A+B mashup with a beat, then, after it settles in — BAM! — thick, bass-heavy electro comes charging in, and LOTS of it, complete with filter sweeps and big dramatic moments. The result? Instant club bangers like this one, ready to rock a dance floor!

Go Home Productions – Smells Like Rockin’ Robin (Nirvana vs. Michael Jackson) – Watford, UK
Mark Vidler, the man behind Go Home Productions, just played the Bootie SF 7-Year Anniversary party, and to commemorate the occasion, he put together a special three-song EP entitled “Rockin’ In San Francisco.” This has quickly become the standout track, blowing up the twitterverse and on the road to going viral. What makes this one special is its use of Nirvana’s vocals rather than music, fusing it with Michael Jackson’s “Rockin’ Robin” backing, and its oh-so-happy and innocent tweedle-dee-dee’s — putting a brand new spin on “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” resulting in a case of dead pop stars uniting in perfect harmony.

The Kleptones – Lazy Dancer (Silversun Pickups vs. Yuksek) – Brighton, UK
We were elated when The Kleptones released “Shits & Giggles,” a new album of mashups a mere six months after their last magnum opus. Granted, it’s an “odds-and-sods” B-sides collection of tracks that didn’t make it on to their previous albums, but considering they usually take four years between albums, we’re just happy there’s new material — especially when it’s as gorgeous as this track. We know this won’t be for everyone, but every now and then we have to include a very personal choice on the Bootie Top 10, and not only do we love the Silversun Pickups (we just saw them play an epic homecoming show at The Greek in LA ) we also have a soft spot for 8-bit-sounding electronica.

LeeDM101 – Blue Boys Cure Everything (Phoenix vs. The Cure vs. Headman) – South West UK
LeeDM101 has quietly come up through the ranks to become one of the best bootleggers on the scene, and this well-crafted mashup proves his winning streak. Taking indie darlings Phoenix (who prove that most “overnight success stories” take ten years) and mashing them up seamlessly with a dark Cure classic — and then adding more beats from Headman — make this a gem of track.

Martinn – Ridin’ Clocks (Jason Derülo vs. Coldplay) – Netherlands
Martinn makes his first appearance on the Bootie Top 10 with this great mashup of two very different pop songs from two very different genres, yet blend seamlessly into a track both beautiful and smooth, evoking thoughts of driving down the highway, alone on a starry night, thinking about life and love and everything that comes with it.

Rad Bad – Moving Da Royalty (Will Smith vs. Daft Punk) – South Australia / New York City
We get mashup submissions in our email in box every day, and we’re sorry to say, well … many of them aren’t quite THERE yet. So it’s always a nice surprise when a good one comes along, and we have to go back and look and be like, “Where did THAT come from?” In this case, it comes from South Aussie DJ — and recent New York City transplant — Rad Bad, who did the smart thing and sent us his “most famous mash,” and … we can see why! Cheeky and fun, and makes us want to hear more!

DJ Schmolli – Big Booty Bitches In Miami (Bombs Away vs. LMFAO vs. Busta Rhymes vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot) – Vienna, Austria
How did the guy known for his Slayer mashups go on to make THIS? Yup, that’s why we LOVE DJ Schmolli … not to mention why we love the “no genre is safe” motto of mashup culture. Schmolli just released his first “mixtape” in ages, “Pirate Nation Vol. 1,” and also just played Bootie Rio, where we’re sure this was a big hit of the night! Finally, an anthem for the curvier girls out shakin’ it!

DJ Topcat – Folsom Prison Gangstaz (Johnny Cash vs. Eazy-E) - Seattle
With this brilliant mashup, DJ Topcat makes an unlikely connection between the old-school country music of Johnny Cash and the ghetto gangsta rap of Eazy-E — after all, both artists, in their respective days, were known for their “outsider” status, and frank honest lyrics that glorified violence and guns. And here, despite the separation of generations, race, and culture, it all comes together. This is one of the things we love best about mashup culture: seeing two artists — who seem incredibly disparate and with completely different fan bases — and finding that both are actually just two sides of the same coin.