Bootie Top 10 x2 – June/July 2010

Posted in Top10 on July 12th, 2010 by Adrian

Ever since we got back from two months on tour, we’ve had a bit of a rough time getting ourselves back onto a “regular” schedule, as you can probably tell by this, yet another overdue Bootie Top 10 list. In fact, it’s starting to become a “Top 10″ in name only, as we just can’t help including two months’ worth of mashups. Yup, double the mashups, double the fun!

We just did “Lady Gaga vs. Madonna Night” a few weeks ago at Bootie SF, and it was our second biggest Bootie party ever, with nearly 1,500 people. A lot of you have been asking for some of the mashups we played that night, so if you’re a bit Gaga-adverse, you might want to skip around a bit.  However, we also have a healthy dose of other genres such as electro, hip-hop, etc., so there should be something for everyone.

Without further ado … sorted (mostly) alphabetically by bootlegger…

DJ BC – Eyes Without A Bootie (Billy Idol vs. John Blu) – Boston
Bootie Boston’s own DJ BC provides us with a new slow jam to ramp down the night. And yes, we’re suckers for a mashup that name-drops our party’s name!

Faroff - You Ring Me Round (Like A Telephone) (Lady Gaga vs. Beyoncé vs. Dead Or Alive) – Brasília/Los Angeles
The video for this keeps getting pulled down from YouTube, thanks to Lady Gaga’s label (who were all about having Bootie mash her up before her fame, the hypocrites!) But here’s the audio mashup, as Brazil’s Faroff realizes that the classic ’80s hit, “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” is one of those perfect pop songs that seems to magically mash up with nearly everything!

DJ Digital Dave - Back To Cali Gurls (Bootie Edit) (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Katy Perry) – Pittsburgh
Mash2Mix – California Tik Tok Gurls (Bootie Edit) (Katy Perry vs. KeSha) – The Netherlands
Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” is definitely this year’s summertime jam, which is why we wish someone would leak a clean acapella track from it. But until then, we’ve got these two mashups that simply HAD to be done: The first makes the inevitable lyrical connection between Biggie and Katy and their enjoyment of all California has to offer, while the second simply proves that this summer’s biggest pop song is basically the same as last winter’s biggest pop song, which is why so many DJs and producers have mashed these two up. (This was the first one out of the gate though, and the best, in our humble opinion– it was a Bootie exclusive to NY Post’s “Pop Wrap” blog last month, read about it here.)

Go Home Productions – How Soon Is Independence? (Destiny’s Child vs. The Smiths) – Watford, UK
Go Home Productions, aka Mark Vidler, is considered by many to be one of the early bootleg scene’s biggest stars. He began mashing up in 2002 and did both the legally-released “Rapture Riders” mashup (Blondie vs. The Doors) as well as the UK-only Mashed CD, a full album of copyright-cleared mashups. Recently, he’s made a much-welcome return to the mashup world, such as this with this track, which uses classic source material such as The Smiths. And he’ll be playing at Bootie’s 7-Year Itch Anniversary in San Francisco on August 14th!

Lazyellow – Blah Blah Blah Chillin Romance (Ke$ha vs. Lady Gaga vs. Wale) – London, UK
Totally infectious club-banger mashup from a newcomer to the mashup scene, Lazyellow from the U.K. We were not big fans of Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah,” but hearing it mashed with thumpy beats and Lady Gaga’s “rah-rah-ah-ah-ah, etc.” as a chorus makes it awesome.

LeeDM101 – (Find Myself) A Heap of Love (Florence & The Machine vs. Depeche Mode vs. Imogen Heap) – South West UK
Simply a stunner of a slow jam, and our favorite Florence & The Machine mashup thus far. Gorgeous and beautiful. Also, it’s nice to see Lee revisiting his Depeche Mode fan roots!

DJ Lobsterdust – Knock Out Eileen (LL Cool J vs. Dexy’s Midnight Runners) – New York City
DJ Lobsterdust – Two Stop (Journey vs. Grizzly Bear) – New York City
Our favorite mashup producer from New York City (and perennial Bootie Top 10 contributor) DJ Lobsterdust returns … and we couldn’t pick just one! The first is a smile-inducing genre-clash of ’80s hits … one that really knocked us out! The second forces indie hipsters to embrace their inner Journey. And come on, who doesn’t secretly love “Don’t Stop Believin’? It’s practically the Bootie theme song!

MadMixMustang – Pac-Man Inferno (Buckner & Garcia vs. The Tramps) – The Netherlands
Speaking of smile-inducing ’80s mashups, this ridiculous combination has us longing for a hot tub time machine so we can take it back with us and blast it on a boombox at the video arcade (while rockin’ our feathered hair and Jordache jeans, of course!) We also love that MadMixMustang uses a lot of source material that other mashup producers overlook … I mean, c’mon, “Pac-Man Fever”? Totally tubular.

Marc Johnce – Monster Never Can Say Goodbye (Lady Gaga vs. The Communards) – Nuremberg, Germany
Marc Johnce – Monster Will Come Back (Lady Gaga vs. Holy Ghost!) – Nuremberg, Germany
We had plenty of “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance” mashups for “Lady Gaga vs. Madonna Night” at Bootie, but none of “Monster.” Fortunately, Marc Johnce came through at the last minute with not one, but two mashups of what’s rumored to be Gaga’s next single. OMG, and even more ’80s retro goodness with a forgotten gem from The Communards! And then for the more indie fans, we got a very cool version with Brooklyn electro duo Holy Ghost!

Mashup-Germany – Hit And Drop On All The Single Ladies (Beyoncé vs. Rihanna vs. Ray Charles vs. Snoop Dogg) – Cologne, Germany
What’s great about this track is its use of the timeless Ray Charles track, “Hit the Road Jack.” Plus, the Bootie crowd never seems to tire of “Single Ladies.” Here, Mashup-Germany uses his signature multi-song combo style to wonderful effect, even adding in some “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in the mix. Never fails to get everyone’s hands up!

Mighty Mike – Heart-Shaped Desires (Nirvana vs. Muse) – France
Released eight months ago, this one is a bit of a iPod sleeper hit for us, combining two of favorite band’s songs into a dark concoction, full of creepy cool menace.

Mkaio – Alejandro (Mkaio’s Holiday Smash) (Lady Gaga vs. Madonna) – Salt Lake City, Utah BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE
Nathan Scot – Alejandro De La Isla Bonita (Lady Gaga vs. Madonna) – San Francisco
What would “Lady Gaga vs. Madonna Night” be at Bootie without actual Lady Gaga vs. Madonna mashups? The classic “Queen of Pop” dukes it out with the current “Queen of Pop” in a mashup duel using Gaga’s current single, “Alejandro.” The first is a “Bootie Exclusive,” while the second showcases Lady Gaga’s obvious influence for “Alejandro” (I’m talking to you, “La Isla Bonita”) as well as both artists’ mutual love of Latino culture (or at least Latino boys!)

Mochi Beats – Time After Romance (Lady Gaga vs. Cyndi Lauper vs. Three 6 Mafia) – Orange County, California
“Bad Romance” is a such a dance floor stormer, that this darker atmospheric (yet still thumpy) version from mashup scene newcomer Mochi Beats comes off as quite an unexpected surprise!

Stein-Vidar – Like A Virgin At The Y.M.C.A. (Bootie Edit) (Madonna vs. The Village People) – Norway
Another newcomer to the mashup scene, Norway’s Stein-Vidar brings the classic pop cheese with this ridonkulous mashup. The songs work great together, and we added back in some of the original “Y.M.C.A.” (hence the Bootie Edit) just so when you feel the need to do the requisite Y-M-C-A arm gestures!

Thriftshop XL – Abba Alpha Beat Beet Roots Of All Evil (ABBA vs. The Bloody Beetroots vs. Alphabeat) – Scotland
How do you turn classic pop cheese into electro-breakbeat madness? Like this. Wait for it, wait for it … and then there goes ABBA, down the rabbit hole.

Titus Jones – Imma Stop Loving Drugs (Ke$ha vs. Glee Cast vs. La Roux vs. Black Eyed Peas vs. Iglu & Hartly) – Clarksville, Arkansas
One of our favorite mashup producers, known for his multi-song, multi-layered creations, returns with this fantastic pop gem. Titus Jones just graduated from college — someone hire this guy for audio production, he’s awesome! Bonus points for using the Glee Cast version of “Don’t Stop Believin’. Did we mention it’s practically the Bootie theme song? :-)