Bootie Top 25 (Extra Late Post-Tour Edition) – April/May 2010

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As many of you know, we – A Plus D, aka Adrian & Mysterious D – have been on tour for the better part of two months, doing Bootie parties all over the globe. First, we were in Europe for most of April, then back to San Francisco, then off to Hong Kong and Singapore, then back again to San Francisco, and then off to Brazil. Whew!

Needless to say, due to our intense travel schedule, we’ve been regretfully neglectful of the Bootie Top 10 these past couple months – not to mention posting tour reports! But we figure you’d rather have free mashups first, and tour reports later, so in an effort to make it up to you, we’re not only doubling it up here, but also throwing in a bunch of mashup “double shots,” bringing the total of mashups downloads to 25.

Many of these were discovered along our travels in Europe, while others were our “DJ secret weapons” on tour. Some are older gems that we recently rediscovered. We’ve even got a few “Bootie Exclusives” in the mix – tracks you won’t find anywhere else.

Sorted (mostly) alphabetically by bootlegger … start right-clickin’!

A Plus D - Decode Rude Boy (Rihanna vs. Paramore) – San Francisco, USA
DJ Schmolli – Rude Boy Resort (Rihanna vs. Papa Roach) – Vienna, Austria
Seeing as that “Rude Boy” was one of the biggest hits of the spring, of course we couldn’t pick just one! The first is from ourselves, re-imagining Rihanna as if she were an angst-ridden teenage vampire from one of the “Twilight” movies. The second is a total guilty pleasure from one of our favorite bootleggers, DJ Schmolli, who returns to his hard rock roots with this unexpected genre-clash featuring the much-maligned (but admittedly catchy) Papa Roach. So wrong… yet so right! Are we on time for the 2000s retro-revival yet?


A Plus D – Final Telephone (Lady Gaga vs. The Young Punx) – San Francisco, USA
DJ BC – Unbelievable Juice and Gin (EMF vs. The Young Punx) – Boston, USA
In April, the music blog AudioPorn Central teamed up with the UK band The Young Punx to produce a mashup album based on the indie-electro group’s second album, “Mashpop & Punkstep.” Simon Iddol assembled a team of bootleggers (including ourselves and Bootie Boston’s DJ BC) to mash up each of the record’s dozen tracks, and it was released on the same day as the album. Here are two tracks from the “Mashed Popped Punk” project – the first makes Lady Gaga sound as if she’s fronting a cool new indie band, and the second gives EMF’s “Unbelievable” a Brit-rap makeover.

BootOX – California Skank (Tupac vs. Fatboy Slim) – Munich, Germany
Loo & Placido – Californication (Tupac vs. Roger Troutman vs. Plump DJs vs. Zero Cash) – France
As Californians, we felt we were exporting a bit of our own “California love” while on tour. Now the love get returned, quite literally, by both Bootie Munich’s DJ BootOX and France’s Loo & Placido (who just played Bootie in SF and LA). Two different takes, one for the main floor, the other for Electro-Bootie.

Clivester – Heartbreaking Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Metronomy) – Vienna, Austria
We rediscovered this one while compiling and mixing our electro-flavored “Bootie Banger Mix” for the guys over at, who produced the Bootie Singapore party. How did we miss this one back in August? Beautiful and haunting, yet still made with the dance floor in mind. Remind us to play this at Burning Man just before dawn!

Clockwork – Office Musik (Lil Wayne vs. “The Office” Theme Song) – Los Angeles, USA
We love “The Office. Our first night back from our European tour was spent curled up with the Tivo, catching up on a month’s worth of episodes. So this track’s appearance on the Top 10 should come as no surprise. Cheeky, silly, and well-produced … who knew “The Office” theme would work so well with Lil Wayne and a hip-hop beat?

DJs From Mars – Enter Telephone (Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé vs. Metallica) – Torino, Italy
DJs From Mars - Radio Tik Tok (Ke$ha vs. Queen) – Torino, Italy
We have to thank Bootie Berlin’s DJ Morgoth for helping us discover our new favorite DJ/producer team, DJs From Mars, who hail from Italy. Their basic formula is always to start with a basic A+B framework – then they add the “oomph” in the way of thick bass and buzzsaw instrumentation, which takes a basic mashup and turns it into a throbbing electro club-banger.

Dunproofin – Only Mashups Can Break Your Heart (David Bowie vs. St. Etienne vs. U2 vs. Soup Dragons) – Aberdeen, Scotland
We’re big fans of both David Bowie and electro-tinged dance music – so what’s not to like here? Dunproofin gives one of our favorite tracks from “Ziggy Stardust” a dance beat by mixing in a formerly-forgotten ’90s electronica song (remember when they called it “electronica”?) and mashes up something unexpected.

DJ Fox - Come See About Down (Jay Sean vs. The Supremes) – San Francisco, USA BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE!
Fox is one of our favorite local San Francisco bootleggers, and we’re grateful that he slips us a few tracks before anyone else gets to hear them. He sent this over yesterday and while we normally like to “live” with a mashup for a while before we decide to put it in the Top 10, we couldn’t resist jumping the gun a bit with this one. Simply lovely.

Go Home Productions – Virgin O’Riley (Madonna vs. The Who) – Watford, UK
Aaaaaand … he’s back! A much-welcome (and long overdue) return from Mark Vidler, part of the UK’s “first wave” of bootleggers, and one of the early mashup scene’s biggest stars. This turned out to be one of our “secret weapons” on tour, never once failing to get the entire crowd to sing along. An instant classic.

The Kleptones – This Song Smells (Nirvana vs. Blur) – Brighton, UK  BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE!
Take two of the most iconic songs from the ’90s — both of which are rockin’, yet shockingly danceable — and put them together. Two words: Can’t. Fail. The original version of this track is on The Kleptones’ Uptime/Downtime album, but Eric Kleptone was nice enough to give us this unmixed version when he stayed at our SF apartment for a week. This turned out to be another “secret weapon” on tour, and we often closed our sets with this.

Ludachrist – Pon De Foley (Major Lazer vs. Harold Faltermeyer) – Los Angeles, USA
This track was all abuzz on the blogosphere a couple months ago, and had we actually put out a Top 10 in a timely manner, we wouldn’t now be looking like we’re late to the party. Oh well, whatever. This track still lights up a dance floor with its ingenious recreation of the classic ’80s keyboard line from “Axel F” by using the modern blips and bloops of the Major Lazer song, “Pon de Floor.” Clever.

MadMixMustang – Take Me On the Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne vs. a-ha) – The Netherlands
Two musical polar opposites from the ’80s — new wave and heavy metal — come together in one brilliant mashup. We love extreme genre-clashes when they just seem to magically work, and this track from the always-dependable MadMixMustang certainly delivers the “wow” factor.

Mashup-Germany - Imagine One Day (So Far Away) (Matisyahu vs. John Lennon vs. Blink 182 vs. Gentleman vs. Bob Marley) – Frankfurt, Germany
We played with Mashup-Germany at both Bootie Berlin and Bootie Hamburg, and while he certainly knows how to tear up a dance floor, we have to admit that his “slow jam” mashups are also something REALLY special. This multi-layered mashterpiece is simply a gorgeous piece of work. By interweaving the vocals of four different artists from four very different genres, it’s revealed that they’re all basically singing about the same universal thing: love.

Mighty Mike – Pressure Time (Queen & David Bowie vs. MGMT) – France
Mighty Mike – Kinda Fair (Lily Allen vs. Robert Palmer) – France
Mighty Mike has turned out to be one of our favorite bootleggers, consistently producing some great mashup work. Both of these tunes have become a bit of “sleeper hits” at Bootie, with “Pressure Time” getting requests, ” and “Kinda Fair” often getting played in the early part of the night, where it’s perfect for getting your drink on.

DJ Morgoth – Sing Hallelujah To The New Divide (Linkin Park vs. Dr. Alban & Yamboo) – Berlin, Germany
Only Bootie Berlin’s DJ Morgoth could take Linkin Park and make them sound so … gay! Sure, he says its “Eurodance,” but we all know what THAT means! While this might alienate Linkin Park fans (what? a mashup without Jay-Z?) — not to mention fans of Eurodance — it puts a big smile on our face every time we hear it!

Obvious Productions – Standing In The Way Of Your Friends (Gossip vs. Justice vs. Simian) – North Wales, UK
Do you know why we love going on tour? Because we can then play American artists like Gossip (who remain a marginalized cult act Stateside) and get a HUGE reaction because “Standing In The Way of Control” was such a big hit everywhere else in the world. Pair that with another artist like France’s Justice, who are also WAY more popular outside the U.S., and it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Years ago, the creator of this track (whose secret identity was revealed to us on tour as Soundhog) anonymously attributed it to “Obvious Productions,” because he thought it was such a simple mashup idea, that he didn’t want to take credit for it. Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that the simplest ideas are often simply the best. A rediscovered gem, and a total “secret weapon.”

DJ Shyboy - Tour De Miami (LMFAO vs. Kraftwerk) – Los Angeles, USA
When LA’s DJ Shyboy played this before our set at Bootie Berlin, we simply HAD to have it! Not sure if this dumbs down the electro krautrock of Kraftwerk, or strangely elevates the joke of LMFAO to something, well … something a little LESS jokey … but either way, it works for us! An oldie, but a goodie.

Sugamotor – Heat My Body (Mariah Carey vs. Massive Attack) – France
Taken from the sex-themed mashup album Sex Mashine, which was compiled by Sugamotor himself, this track is perfect for getting that certain someone “in the mood.” Smooth, sexy, and … kinda dark, in a very cool, moody way. Plus, extra props for using two artists highly under-utilized in the mashup world.

DJ Tripp – Papa Was A Ghost (The Temptations vs. Deadmau5) - Santa Cruz, USA BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE!
While we were away on tour, Tripp was the DJ who held it down in our absence at Bootie SF, and tracks like this showcase why we left him in charge of the decks. How do you take an old-school classic by The Temptations and make it sound weirdly current? Why, by having them sing with Deadmau5, of course!

Victor Menegaux – Nookieflies (Owl City vs. Limp Bizkit) – Seattle, USA
Victor says “I was laughing the entire time I made this.” We are so sick of the earnest saccharine sweetness of that damn, unavoidable “Fireflies” song, that hearing Fred Durst rap something as inane as “Nookie” over the top of it (possibly the worst song from the past 15 years) makes us laugh too!

Bootie Top 10 (or 20, or 30) coming soon, we promise!

Posted in Top10 on May 18th, 2010 by Adrian

Just got back home to San Francisco after a whirlwind two months of touring Europe, Asia, and Brazil, with brief pit stops back here in SF to keep the parties running. We were overextended, so needless to say, we are now WAY overdue for a Bootie Top 10 posting!

We promise, we will be rectifying this VERY soon! And we’ll make it up to you guys too, by making it a Top 20 (or maybe a Top 30?) We owe you a couple months’ worth, at least!

One thing we learned in our travels was how to say “sorry” in so many languages:

Entschuldigung, desculpe, désolé, anteeksi, atsiprašau, bocsánat!

Check back here soon!