Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We've gotta admit, we're starting to feel vindicated!

Seven years ago, everyone thought our little mashup hobby was just a silly underground fad. But in the past week, our little "hobby" has popped up on MTV, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Huffington Post,
CNN, and more.

Is the "Best of Bootie 2009" CD a harbinger of where music is going in the new decade?

As tireless torch-bearers of the mashup scene, 2009 was certainly an interesting year for us to watch, what with mashups popping up as a major plot point on the television show Glee, becoming every playable track on the DJ Hero videogame, CNN's Campbell Brown talking about "the mash-up" every night, etc.

Have mashups gone from buzzworthy to simply part of the cultural fabric yet? We'd like to think so. And it will become even moreso as time goes on -- the mashup will go from "guilty pleasure" to simply "pleasure". The "trend" element will be long gone, and hopefully what we'll be left with is just another style of remix for producers and music listeners to choose from.



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