Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back from Bootie Beijing!

We're back from our 3-1/2 day trip to China, where we did our first Bootie Beijing party at Punk, at The Opposite House. Here are some of the edited highlights:

This is The Opposite House. It's on Sanlitun Road, a street well-known for its bars, restaurants, and nightlife. Beijing is currently revitalizing the entire area, and swank-tacular boutique hotels like this are part of the developments.

Here's our room. This was SO NICE to come to after 18 hours of travelling. We got in at 6 in the morning, but didn't want to throw off our sleep schedule, so instead of crawling into that cushy bed, we fought jet-lag and hit the ground running.

Our first stops (after eating a fabulous vegetarian meal at Pure Lotus) were The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Those imperial palaces inside go on forever. And then when you're ready to leave, you realize you're stuck in the middle, and you have to go through a bunch more just to get out. But the Imperial Garden was awesome! Except for this part...

Chinese Gardening Fail!

On our way to the Forbidden City, we passed by a building I had been DYING to see: The new CCTV Building. It's an architectural marvel, and it's almost completed. The Chinese love to come up with funny nicknames for their buildings, and this one is called "Short Pants."

The next day, we hired a car for the day (taxis and car services are shockingly cheap in Beijing, especially compared to what we're used to in San Francisco and New York) and made the obligatory trip to The Great Wall of China, which is about an hour away. OMFG! It was pretty damn awesome. Who knew that starting a club that plays mashups would lead us to being at The Great Wall of China? Pretty crazy.

All and all, it's just another ... brick in the wall.

Did you know that there's a section of the Wall where they've built a tobaggan run? Why doesn't anyone talk about these things? You take ski left up the mountain to the Wall, and then you can slide down on these tobaggans. And they can go FAST! To get a pretty good idea of what it's like, check out this video.

This photo shoot cost us $3. These guys were hustlin' in style!

Mysterious D's latest hat. She does NOT know how to haggle properly and paid WAY too much for this. She thought she was being generous, until we read somewhere that when Westerners don't haggle, they don't think you're being generous ... they just think you're stupid! But who cares? She loves her new hat!

After a harrowing ride through the countryside back into Beijing (drivers are crazy in China) we went to the Olympic Village ... kind of a "compare and contrast" between (very) old China and (very) new China. This is the "Bird's Nest."

We were psyched that you could go inside the National Stadium. There were a zillion Chinese tourists there, but shockingly, not many Westerners. You can tell the Chinese are obviously proud of what they've got here.

Doesn't Adrian look like the Beijing Olympic mascot?

If D were wearing green, this might work better.

The Water Cube wasn't so impressive during daylight hours, but when it's lit up at night, it's pretty great!

The next day our friend Dean flew in from Shanghai. We first met him five or six years ago when we used to DJ on Thursday nights at The Cinch, the little gay bar down the street from us. He loved our stuff and booked us for his company Halloween parties. He has watched us grow our Bootie empire over the years and has been super supportive. Part of the reason we got to do Bootie Beijing was because when we visited him in Shanghai last year, he introduced us to DJ Teng Boon, who liked our mashup style, and then booked us at Punk! Speaking of...

Here we are at Punk, doing our first Bootie Beijing. This is before Adrian climbed up on the DJ booth to sing the live midnight mashup show, causing a beer to spill on the brand-new Rane digital mixer, which then fritzed out, grinding the show to a halt, creating havoc, but also gave us an opportunity to talk to the crowd and give out free Bootie CDs while resident DJ Ekki switched out mixers for us. Oh, Ekki, we LOVE YOU! Here she is, after the crisis has been averted:

DJ Ekki is adorable. She kicked off the evening, but then pretty much had the night off after we went on ... we DJed for six hours! Apparently, Punk usually closed down around 3 AM, but we had them dancing until 4:30! It was definitely a later crowd, and they were up for it!

Getting down at Bootie Beijing. Hey, there's Dean in the front!

There was a club photographer there who took better photos than we managed. You can check them out HERE.

Apparently in China, girls show their love and appreciation for the DJs by biting the sides of their faces off.

It was a little rough the next morning, but we made it on the plane! We loved Beijing, and hope to be back soon!



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Looks like a great time. Pure Lotus is the bomb!

November 18, 2008 4:04 PM  

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