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Bootie Top 10 - August/September 2008

August is always our busiest month ... and this year was no exception. Between producing our own epic "Revenge Of The A+D Show" for the Bootie 5-Year Anniversary Party (the biggest event of our career, with nearly 1,500 people) and then preparing for Burning Man, where we did two Bootie BRC parties out in the Black Rock Desert, we simply had NO TIME to sit down to compile a Bootie Top 10. But now that the dust has settled (both figuratively and literally, as we're back from the playa) we're hoping to make it up to you with another double Top 10. Enjoy the downloads!


A plus D - Dancing Lollipop Queen (Lil Wayne vs. ABBA) - San Francisco
Lil Wayne's new album dropped, and we'd been patiently waiting to hear that perfect "Lollipop" mashup ... but it just never happened. At the same time, we were all excited about the movie version of Mamma Mia! (Even though we've been so busy this summer, we haven't actually even seen it yet.) And then it hit us! Here is the glorious result. Besides, let's face it –- the world needs more ABBA mashups. And we know how the Bootie audiences love something they can sing along to!

Aggro1 - You've Got Another Thing Comin' To Slipaway (Judas Priest vs. 2 Bit Pie) - Dayton, Ohio
What if instead of being the "Metal God," Rob Halford was actually the singer for an electronica band? What would it sound like? Dayton, Ohio's favorite bootlegger son provides the answer: it would actually sound just as badass - but in a whole new ass-kickin' way.

DJ BC - Superfreaky Bellydancer (Rick James vs. Akon vs. James Brown) - Boston
Bootie Boston's resident DJ knocks it out of the park with this one, virtually guaranteeing everyone on the dance floor to irresistably shake their asses! We dare you to try not to move when you hear this jam.

Divide & Kreate - Every Bleeding Breath (Leona Lewis vs. The Police) - Stockholm, Sweden
Of all the mashups of Leona Lewis' ubiquitous summertime lament, this is our favorite. Both songs - separated by over two decades -- have a sad, bittersweet quality to them. It may just seem like a simple A+B, but the pop hooks (and thicker drum beats) are gloriously undeniable.

DJ Gizmo - It's Comma Undone ('N Sync vs. Duran Duran) - Columbia, Missouri
So nice to hear a vocal that hasn't already been done to death in a mashup - and this is the first good 'N Sync mashup we've heard. We've always had a soft spot for that Duran Duran song, and this works seamlessly, bringing beauty to the pop stylings of 'N Sync.

The Illuminoids - Get It On At Le Disko (T. Rex vs. Shiny Toy Guns) - Los Angeles
Finally! We'd always loved that Shiny Toy Guns song and have been waiting over a year for someone to mash it up with something good. Here, Jells and Howie Illuminoid deliver the goods, merging classic '70s glam with current electro glam punk.

Mad Mix Mustang - Super Blitzious (Stevie Wonder vs. Sweet) - The Netherlands
Can you tell we like early '70s British glam rock? This now makes two in a row for tracks utilizing this very under-mashed-up genre. Nice stompy feel to this ... who knew how well that Stevie Wonder soul classic would work with the bouncy and fun "Ballroom Blitz"?

DJ Mei-Lwun - How Low (Flo-Rida vs. Public Enemy vs. Benny Benassi) - San Francisco
When Mei-Lwun releases a new bootleg, you can usually count on a really solid effort. This one goes beyond solid. Pure thumpy electro hip-hop gold, tailor-made for Electro-Bootie. This one's a dance floor banger, pure and simple.

STV SLV - Shut Up, American Boy (Estelle vs. The Ting Tings) - Chicago
Two songs of the moment -- it's all so very NOW -- mashed together. Two British artists from different scenes, who are both storming the American charts. Indie hipsters and mainstream pop lovers unite!

DJ Topcat - Hot2Destroy (Lyrics Born vs. Ladytron) - Seattle
Can someone please tell us why Lyrics Born isn't super-famous yet? One of the Bay Area's best rappers get the electro treatment by being paired up with Ladytron, and it fits like a glove. The way Topcat's produced this track, you'll find yourself almost powerless to stop humming the chorus even after the song is over.


A plus D - Fascination Umbrella (Rihanna vs. The Cure) - San Francisco
This track had been languishing on our hard drive for months, until GYBO launched its Cure Bootleg Challenge in August, and we finally decided to finish it, and release it. It started off as a Smash-Up Derby song -- but in order for the band to learn the arrangement, we needed to created a rough version of this mashup first. And the whole concept began life nearly a year ago when we originally mashed up "Fascination Street" with Hard-Fi and Kanye West -- Bonus version of the Hard-Fi version HERE!

ddpesh - Nasty Feel (Notorious B.I.G. vs. MGMT vs. Justice) - Brooklyn
Gives the über-cool MGMT some nice thuggish street-cred. Not sure if Biggie would be rolling over in his grave if he heard this, but we know that WE like it! It's also a really nice genre-clash, with a strangely appealing groove.

Dunproofin - Police Klaxons (The Police vs. The Klaxons) - Scotland
Yay! Another acapella that we haven't heard a zillion times before in a mashup! An inspired pairing, which fits pretty damn near perfectly. This one's a real beauty and extremely fresh in originality. Good job, Dun!

Earworm - No More Gas (Rihanna vs. Kardinal Offishall vs. Akon vs. Ne-Yo vs. Estelle vs. Pussycat Dolls vs. Leona Lewis vs. Danity Kane vs. Madonna vs. Timbaland vs. Justin Timberlake vs. Lupe Fiasco vs. Matthew Santos vs. Britney Spears vs. Flo-Rida vs. T-Pain) - San Francisco
Earworm has seemingly found his mashup calling, which is taking a zillion current pop tracks, and proving how they're all practically the same damn song by mashing them up in high-concept bootleg productions such as this. Might make your head explode ... but will more likely keep you moving on the dance floor.

DJ Gauffie - Don't Stop Spin The Music Round (Rihanna vs. Dead Or Alive) - Sweden
An A+B mashup so simple -- and so perfect for Bootie -- we're kicking ourselves for not having thought of it first! Sometimes the easy-cheesy ones really are the floor-fillers. Dead Or Alive gives the Rihanna dance floor burner an extra kick!

Lobsterdust - EasyWall (The Commodores vs. Oasis) - New York
Adrian's been milking the same end-of-the-night "mashup slowjam set" for months now, so he's happy to have something new like this to close the club with. Expect to hear this as the "last song" at Bootie for the next few months. Grab someone and slow dance when you hear it!

DJ Schmolli - Oye Mi Sweet Dutchie (N.O.R.E. vs. Black Sabbath vs. Musical Youth vs. Afroman)
- Vienna, Austria
We're such suckers for conceptual thematic mashups. Gee, what do all these songs have in common? Is it 4:20 yet?

Torero - Let Me Think About American Boys (Estelle vs. Fedde Le Grand) - Karlsruhe, Germany
Germany's Torero used to be one of our favorite bootleggers. Then he mysteriously disappeared for about three years. But now he's back and this electro-house version of Estelle's summertime hit is a wonderful way to return to the bootleg scene. If you're more electro-house than indie, this is your "American Boy" mashup.

DJ Tripp - Just Needed Time (The Cars vs. DJ Antoine) - Santa Cruz, California
This is what Electro-Bootie sounds like. Thick heavy electro beats with a familiar vocal thrown on top. If you ever wondered what our little monthly "club-within-a-club" Electro-Bootie at Bootie SF sounds like, this couldn't be a more perfect example! This is the kind of track that Electro-Bootie lives for.

Wax Audio - Enter You (Metallica vs. Bryan Adams) - Sydney, Australia
Wax Audio explains this one better than we ever could: "Imagine if James Hetfield (Metallica's once screaming, now yodelling front man) grew up in Canada instead of California. Imagine he was brought up by a working class lumberjack family and instead of donning ripped denim and leather he instead got about in un-torn denim and checkered flannel. Let's pretend that this Canadian Hetfield's first guitar wasn't a Gibson Flying V but rather a Strat. Finally, imagine that instead of meeting Lars Ulrich and Bob Rock on his way to super stardom he actually met Jim Vallance and Bob Clearmountain. Got all that? Right, here's what it would have sounded like..."



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