Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Packing up for European tour!

In five hours, we will be on a plane, headed for Munich, Germany – the first stop on our 17-day (although it will probably mostly feel like 17-nights) EUROPEAN TOUR!

• Six gigs
• Five cities
• Four carry-on bags
• Three Bootie parties
• Two stressed-out DJs
• One $113 A+D flag

Yup, got our own flag made for the tour. Now it's official.

We flew home from Bootie New York on Saturday, so we would have an extra 2-1/2 days to pack and prepare for this tour. We've been a little stressed out, but overall, we're holding up okay! Here's some shots of our preparations:

To-Do Lists coming out our ass!

135 A+D CDs!

Travelling and touring is always a whirlwind, but we're going to do our best to keep this blog updated over the course of our travels. Some keep checking in with us!

First stop: Munich! There's some Bavarian beer with our names on it, just waiting for us!



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